13 thoughts on “Judgment Is Executed on COVID-19: by Kenneth Copeland

  1. oh sht, is he talking about the government or the coronabeer virus, Im confused?
    this is scary! how much money did Bill Gts. give him to advertise for the vaccine? just a thought.

  2. This is why we need the real Jesus–to keep us from being deceived by these flim-flam con men!
    Kenneth Copeland net worth 300 MILLION Private fortune est $750 MILLION
    number of private jets: 2-4
    Owns Mansion w/private airport in Texas and million dollar vacation home in Colorado.

  3. Back in the late 80’s we got one of those 8 foot satellite dishes and a decoder box so we could watch any tv station in the world. There was an old hairy unkempt tv preacher guy who smoked cigars, wore hawaiian shirts and would say things like “why have you not sent me any money today?” and “you have not sent me enough money today” – I wish I could find information about that dude, he made me laugh alot. I also watched alot of Japanese and East German tv. funny stuff. LOL

    1. Yep, I know who you mean but I can’t remember his name…might be the same preacher who had his own satellite channel and a bunch of different wives…even seemed New Age a bit.

      Just remembered…was it Eugene Scott?

        1. FYI The late Pastor Dr. Eugene Scott’s ministry is being kept alive by his very fair lady, Pastor and now Dr. Melissa Scott. There’s a story there, but she does seem to be preaching with sincerity. Some legacy videos of her late husband’s preaching are on her website.

    1. Amen! Haha LOL If alex jones, bill gates and a jv cheerleader had a love child, it would be these 2 guys!

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