Julian Assange Released from Solitary Confinement

WikiLeak’s founder, Julian Assange, was released from custody in London as the court rejected Swedish appeals that asserted their case for keeping Mr. Assange jailed.  Assange appeared exhausted as he faced the press.  He thanked all those around the world who are supporting WikiLeaks and himself both financially and vocally.

I have to wonder about the conditions in the London facility where Mr. Assange was held as he including the following in his statement.  “I had time to reflect on the conditions of those people around the world, also in solitary confinement, also on remand, in conditions that are more difficult than those faced by me.  Those people also need your attention and support.”

Assange also stated that he would continue his work and asserted his innocence.  He also said that he would reveal the evidence against him in reference to the sex charges in Sweden when they became available, indicating that Swedish officials have as yet failed to produce any evidence against him in the British courts.

Mr. Assange’s next hearing will be January 11th when the matter of extradition will be addressed.  This hearing will be preliminary in nature and Assange’s lawyer indicated that a binding ruling as to the extradition would probably not be reached until sometime in February.

Assange will be staying at Ellingham Hall while awaiting his extradition hearing.  It is a country mansion two hours Northeast of London.  He will have to report to the local police station daily.

Vice President Joe Biden made light of the correspondences released by WikiLeaks indicating that at best they were embarrassing.  Attorney General Eric Holder indicated that a full scale investigation targeting Julian Assange is being undertaken.

However it would seem that the Justice Department is having problems making a case as there is further talk of making additions to the 1917 Espionage Act to include incidences like the information leaks that have lead to the United States targeting Mr. Assange for prosecution and or assassination.  I wouldn’t be surprised if one of the new additions to the Espionage Act is the Julian Assange Clause.

Further legislations are being discussed that are said to be designed to stop or shut down internet sites that release information damaging to the Unites States government, which may spell big problems for sites like From the Trenches World Report.  It is truly frightening when such subject matter is actually being discussed as a viable option.

If I were Julian Assange I would absolutely be watching my back.  I would hate to see a report saying that he had committed suicide by shooting himself in the back of the head three times, from ten feet away.  Don’t laugh, it has happened.  Everyone should be paying the closest attention to this situation as the fate of our First Amendment right to free speech hangs in the balance.

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