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In Just 5 Days Without Trucks, Chaos Would Erupt in America

The Organic Prepper

Have you ever thought about how fast things could go sideways in America?  What if we went 5 days without trucks moving supplies across the country? Have you considered how JUST ONE THING could change the world as we know it?

The video below has been around for several years, but if you haven’t seen it in a while, it is worth watching again.

Think for a moment about what would happen if the trucks stopped running. The trucking industry is the lifeblood of this country, and according to this, it would only take 5 days without trucks for all hell to break loose.  


In only 5 days without trucks, everything would change.

In only five days, with only one component of our economy missing, we could be without medication, food, gasoline, and sanitation. We would be unable to travel great distances easily, as airports would close.

Think about it:

  • No toilet paper.
  • No laundry detergent.
  • No fresh fruits and vegetables.
  • No fresh milk.
  • No garbage trucks picking up waste and no way to get to the dump.
  • The banks would close.
  • No parts would be available for things that need repair.
  • We couldn’t refill prescription medications.
  • No gasoline would be available.

Panic would erupt.

It’s that easy for all hell to break loose. Five days without the regular delivery of supplies and our country could devolve into chaos. And if it was longer than 5 days without trucks, the initial panic would be a G-rated movie compared to what would come next.

We live in a just-in-time society.

Most retail stores no longer stock up on food but have a “just in time” ordering system that relies on regular shipments.

Just-In-Time (JIT) inventory refers to an inventory management method whereby the goal is to have inventory readily available to meet demand, without having any excess quantities on hand. With this approach, merchants can hold minimal stock supplies while ensuring stock-outs don’t happen during peak selling periods. Balancing the goals of avoiding stock-outs while minimizing inventory costs is at the heart of JIT. (source)

If those shipments aren’t coming in, then the shelves will be bare in very short order. People will see the store getting more empty, and this will compel them to buy everything they can get their hands on until there is truly nothing left.

People live a just-in-time life, too.

Most folks grocery shop once a week, and some hit the store every couple of days. Aside from preppers and people who live by the pantry philosophy, many Americans couldn’t get by for more than a week without a trip to the store. Most folks no longer produce. They just consume. They’d be lost if they were forced to suddenly produce after a lifetime of consumerism.

Imagine if the stores were empty because of a transportation shut-down. What would those biweekly shoppers do? They’d be in really bad shape, that’s what. And that is when desperation would kick in.

We’d see an uptick in crime as people who were desperate to feed their children committed acts they would never have imagined before. We’d see a surge in criminal behavior as others realized that there were no first responders to stop them. It would be the very definition of all hell breaking loose.

The vulnerability and dependency of many Americans is truly astonishing, and most of those people don’t even realize they are at such great risk.

You can prepare for this.

So, think about it. What are the things you personally buy each week? Maybe now is the time to build yourself a shelf-stable stockpile of the important items like milk and eggs. Maybe you need to focus on building your pantry before something happens to make that impossible.

This “one thing” is the transportation industry but there are other “one things” that could cause utter destruction. The vulnerable power grid, a massive cyber-attack that shut down banking…the list of “one things” could go on and on.

Think about how susceptible you are to a shutdown in industry and make an effort to change that. Start growing food. Start stockpiling.  Start producing instead of consuming to insure yourself against this type of disaster.

The Organic Prepper

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18 Responses to In Just 5 Days Without Trucks, Chaos Would Erupt in America

  1. Beehive says:

    That’s Tactical 101. Interrupt if not outright destroy the supply chain. The biggest to pay attention to is the No Fuel. Gasoline, diesel, and kerosene(air plane fuel) are the foundation of it all. Without those, no trucks, tractors, planes, tanks, Police, helicopters, or MRAPs roll around. The bigger the beast, the more thirsty it is.

  2. Vekar says:

    Makes me smile to know I still have more than six months of TP stored away and plenty more. Unfortunately water is the killer in this state and there aint no water here. SOL.

  3. Scott says:

    We already have insanity. What’s a little extra chaos?

  4. Samuel says:

    Autonomous truck are here. Think, one of the abc corps who of course are embedded with the criminals in DC, they are all the same..decides to shut down a rebellious population. No human drivers who may side with the rebels…just simply stop all shipping to the region. Not only would it starve out the rebels, it would turn those that are neutral against the rebels since they are suffering collective punishment. Having control of our supply chain is imperative. Without total control, we are all at the mercy of the criminals who run this world. We need non centrally controlled vehicles, no GPS, no remote control. Human drivers, same for farm equipment, etc. We have given way too much control already.

  5. DL. says:

    Only thing I have to worry about (living in a rural POA with no gas station except in town) is gasoline for my ATV. We have been living outside the “just in time” box since the 1980s.

  6. Mark Schumacher in LV says:

    5 days? That’s a laugh….

    • Cynicles says:


    • galen says:

      Man, I’m ignorant here. Do ya mean it would take less than 5 days to see the chaos, or much more than 5 days?

      Maybe if I could ride shotgun with a trucker for a spell I’d understand more.



      • Mark Schumacher in LV says:

        Grocery stores and bottled water try 12 hours, fuel? forgettaboutit.

        5 days LOL

        “Maybe if I could ride shotgun with a trucker for a spell I’d understand more.”

        If you rode with me, you would get the hell scared out of you. 🙂

        • Mark Schumacher in LV says:

          Right now the trucking industry is short 50,000 drivers, well I think you guys can draw the picture from here.

          • Katie says:

            I guess Americans don’t want to drive truck so these illegals will come in real handy.

          • Mark Schumacher in LV says:

            Regulations, home time, lousy pay, living in a truck, even the taco eaters don’t want the job.

            New drivers have it rough, it takes years to start to make the decent money and learn the job. There is a hell of a lot more to this job than meets the eye, manuevering your truck in city traffic, New Jersey, New York, Boston, Miami , LA takes years before your really profficent.

            Chicago is a nightmare!

            Backing your rig from a busy street into an inside the building dock? Nightmare! Inches of clearance!

            You screw up, you get fired. Many drivers refuse to go to the east coast.

  7. flee says:

    I luv truck drivers.

    If it wasn’t for them all the crack whores and all the drug dealers would be out of work.

    Somebody please give Mark a hug.

  8. galen says:

    Thanks, Mark. In my eyes, you, and others who do the kind of work you do are champions. Many stand in your debt. Here’s a favorite truck-driver song for ya. It’s from a very stony time:



  9. galen says:

    From a more innocent time when it was okay to do things like this:



  10. Angel-NYC says:

    For galen @ 6:37 pm:

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