Just Make Up An Address: Shady Anti-Gun Petitioners Caught Breaking Election Laws

Published on Aug 22, 2013 by LaughingAtLiberals

For the anti gun I 594 in Washington state, one signature gatherer tells a videographer from Oregon to “Just put Vancouver, I don’t care. They don’t check all the signatures” in order to get his signature on the petition. This takes place about 200 feet away from another petitioner who was indicted on 2 felony charges relating to signature violations 3 years earlier. Still another signature gatherer abandons her signed petitions out front of a grocery store. This signature gathering operation in Washington is based out of California, and using motel addresses for their business listings.

Lots of shady dealings for the petitioners working for Washington Alliance For Gun Responsibility. Seems as though despite their big money donors, they can’t even run a petitioning operation in a respectable way.

Full transcript of narration:

Meet Kelvin Moore. I did not know his name when this was filmed. He was spotted at the Vancouver, Washington Farmer’s Market gathering signatures for I 594, the initiative sponsored by Washington Alliance For Gun Responsibility, that would require background checks for private firearms transfers.

Though he had both I 594 and the competing initiative, I 591, he was only trying to get people to sign I 594. Several of the other folks working on this petition campaign were leery about telling the name of the of the 3rd party contractor they worked for, but Mr. Moore was willing to spill it. This the company that was most likely contracted by Washington Alliance For Gun Responsibility to collect signatures in the Vancouver area.

I was unable to find anything on “national petitions for citizens”, however a “national petitionERS for citizens” came up in the Washington state public records disclosure website, and revealed a “Kelvin Moore” as the entity name for the sole proprietorship. A quick search of the name Kelvin Moore revealed that that, indeed, is who I was talking to on this video, as he matches the face in this mugshot, and this one. It turns out Mr. Moore is no stranger to working petition campaigns. In 2010, he was indicted in Multnomah County on 2 counts of making false statements under election law, both class C Felonies. Turns out there was some funny business going on with some of the names he supposedly got to sign his petitions.

Seems like it’s more of the same this time around, as one of the people working for him, who was staked out at that same farmer’s market about 200 feet away from Mr. Moore, encouraged someone to sign the petition with a fake name and fake address.

Additionally, another I 594 petitioner was spotted at Chuck’s Produce on the east side of Vancouver, and left her petitions unguarded 2 times in a 30 minute span, once for about 2 minutes, and again for about 8 minutes. Anyone could have signed with phony names, stolen the petitions, or phished personal information from other signers.

Going back to Mr. Moore’s Washington State business record, it shows his business mailing address as 1050 The Alameda in San Jose, California. Turns out that address is a motel called The Alameda. Turning to his in state business location, he lists 221 NE Chkalov Dr, room 412, Vancouver, Washington. That address is a Motel 6.

And here’s a shot of his car, with the California plates, missing the month on the registration tag.

As if that wasn’t sketchy enough, searches for “National Petitioners For Citizens” return with no hits matching that name.

Quite the reputable outfit that Mr. Moore has, and one has to wonder why Washington Alliance For Gun Responsibility is reduced to using out of state, fly by night operations, who have questionable pasts regarding petitioning to gather signatures for them who encourage people to sign with with fake addresses and leave their petition sheets unguarded. You’d think they’d be able to do better, considering the big money donors they have funneling money into their campaign.

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