Just Say No to GOP and their Election Fraud

The Republican Party has released its first commercial piece for Mitt Romney vs. Barack Obama for the national election in an attempt to ram this fraud down the American people’s throats while at the same time it is not being reported in the mainstream that Ron Paul is winning state after state as the delegates gather to make their intentions known.  These criminals that make up the establishment Republican Party should be arrested.

Mitt Romney has not secured the GOP nomination and what we are seeing is an attempt to bypass the established process and disenfranchise we the American voters, not just as individuals voting in the beauty contests, but also as delegates with an absolute constitutional right to decide who will be the GOP candidate for president in 2012.

This being said, can any one of us proclaim to be living in a country with a representative government?  As we are being brutally taxed in every quarter, is this not taxation without representation?  As it is our enemies’ intent to force either Barack Obama or Mitt Romney upon us as a regional governor controlled by a higher power in a foreign nation, can we any longer say that we are even a sovereign country?

The traitor Obama has signed the National Defense Authorization Act with military arrests and indefinite detention without any due process of the law.

Barack Obama has signed HR 347 Trespass Bill, making it a crime to voice dissent.

Obama has signed the Emergency Resource Executive Order for confiscation of our every resource, including us.

This is not only martial law, but a foreign martial law.  We find ourselves in exactly the same position our founding fathers did in 1775.  And like our founding fathers we must decide right here and right now whether we are going to be a free people under our Bill of Rights or be reduced to bonded slaves.

Our rights came from the barrels of our guns, and at this point in the ball game, this is where they lie again.  If these traitors think they are going to stop us from enforcing our will through the ballot then we must do so with lead.

God bless this Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

4 thoughts on “Just Say No to GOP and their Election Fraud

  1. They are all guilty of fraud and false reporting, should be prosecuted for racketeering. They don’t fool me. I am awake and aware, how about you?

  2. I know many people are so brain dead by the control freaks that they have no ideal of reality . well folks here are the facts. it’s not just Your Life not just your job or home or money . if YOU the American citizens do not stand up NOW and take seriously what is happening , YOU deserve to take the same Train ride as the Jews did to the Furnace !! That is Fact, the fiction is in your head ! do you not care that all your kids mom’s dad’s grand parents family and friends will all be sacrificed in this sick Ritual of fear blood and destruction !! the Time is now ! what will you do ?? Live or Die ? there is no other choice Agenda 21 read it carefully . we have 1 choice only and he is Ron Paul help him win and change this evil agenda from slavery to Freedom ! I have tried for years to wake people up but they are so STUPID LAZY and full of themselves and that Idiot box Mind control TV !! will you choose live for yourself family and friends or will you help the Nazi faction kill your own families !! look hard at those in office there lies all our problems they are monkey puppets for the shadow gov, DC is a whore house mafia . I think it is time for a enema at the big house lets flush out all the CRAP !! live or die it’s your last chance America. your concerned Brother

    1. Well said my brother. I too feel as you do and I am prepared for the worst. The writing is on the wall for all to see. I hope enough of us are awake to protect our own and those who can’not protect themselves.

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