Just Say No to the Gender War

Men and women, working hand in hand, conquered this country and established control over her resources.  This is a contention that can never be argued as it is our real history.  When we were taming this land, men and women worked side by side along with their children on the family farm.

As we moved into the future and government took more and more control over our lives, our traditional roles were redefined.  During the industrial age the man worked while the woman kept the house and raised the children.  This was the first incursion on the family as it all but removed the father from the lives of the children.  Remember, on the farm the family was together all day long.

Now enter in the education system, which removed the children from the family, six hours a day, nine months out of the year and you see a further deterioration of the family unit.

By the 1960s, all the wild lands had been conquered and the ruling elite had all the laborers they needed.  This is when the socialist woman’s movement was put into place in an effort to convince women to abandon their children and take on careers.  Of course the socialists were right there to offer state day care, which was paid for via taxing both the men and the women.  Now we are dealing with a generation of adults who were raised by the state and have no idea about family unity and loyalty.

With the hard times that have befallen us we have seen our families pulling back together for the purpose of survival and all are finding out that the state is not our friend.  Think back to just last summer.  The thought of any controversy between men and women did not exist.  Now, with just a couple of short weeks of propaganda, the illusion is being created that men and women are at odds with one another, that men and women have always been at odds with one another, and that women should turn against men and declare themselves sovereign and apart by voting the socialist Obama back into office.  Do these socialists really think we can be so easily swayed, that we are nothing more than trained animals?

The thing this insurgent government most fears is unity within families as they know the power this represents.  Look at the Kennedy Dynasty.  You see while the socialists were doing everything in their considerable power to divide our families, they were bringing theirs closer together and consolidating power.  Joseph Kennedy was a rum runner and a heroin dealer and through his family cartel, not only amassed a fortune, but managed to put his oldest son in our White House.  Unfortunately for the Kennedy family, John had an attack of morality and actually saw himself going down in history as the man who gave America back to we Americans.  So the mobsters his family were in bed with, promptly eliminated him.

We must ignore the socialists who are trying to employ this fifty-year-old propaganda campaign to divide us by gender as we have come full circle with the economic collapse.  You see men, women, and their children are now once again working side by side and talking to one another.  The socialists have overplayed their hand and they know it.  We are going to have to take our Republic back and to do so we are going to have to be united, first as families then ultimately as a single people, realizing all who are not us are our enemies.

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