Just wanted to let you know about Darzak

Update: Today Darzak had his amputation at 8am. The Dr. said it went better than he expected, he was able to close the foot with no skin grafts required and no wound vac needed. I apologized for him having to work on Saturday, but that the vascular surgeon had said his foot was bad and would not wait a week. The Dr. said it was a blessing that he came in earlier than a week, and that he would recover in a lot less time. He may come home early next week!

The Lord’s blessing has been upon this whole incident. We heard the prayer for the day today, and it was just what Darzak needed to hear, about having peace about your circumstances. We do covet prayer for the grieving of the loss of part of his foot.  

Right now he is in pain and on pain medication, so I don’t think he really realizes what has happened. He did say that his foot was about 4 inches shorter than the other one, but we have not seen the foot yet.

Thank you all for the prayers, encouragement and comments. We love all of you. Jill

We received this email from Jill on Friday evening:

On Thursday Darzak went to the podiatrist. He told us that Darzak would lose his toes and part of his foot as it is all dead. We went to the Vascular doctor on Friday. They have admitted him to the hospital and tomorrow at 8am they will do the amputation. It looks like he will spend some more time in the hospital. About a week. They need to monitor the healing and deal with pain management. I will update when I have info. Thanks for all the prayers, comments, and emails. Jill

16 thoughts on “Just wanted to let you know about Darzak

  1. Darzak, more prayers coming your way. May the most competent hands and compassionate hearts tend to your needs and restore you to full health. Glad Jill is at your side.


  2. The recovery was miraculous, but it’s too bad he had to lose some of his foot.

    Get well, heal up, and get home, quickly, Darzak. You have a happy home, a loving wife, and a long life to look forward to.

  3. thank you for the update Jill ….both of you have been in my thoughts throughout the day
    hopefully this is the final obstacle in Darrell’s return to good health

  4. I thank each and every one of you for your prayers and encouraging words. The pain is pretty severe, but I am getting some meds to take the edge off. I am grateful to the LORD for the successful surgery and His grace to keep an attitude of faith concerning the healing process. We will keep you updated on the progress.

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