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flag-ani.gifBATR, March 5, 2004

Gordon Thomas writes in the American Free Press: “President Clinton’s close friend, a billionaire and fugitive from justice, was a top Mossad source”. The saga of Marc Rich will go down in the annals of betrayal as proof positive that the United States government is a tool of Zionist policy. Since this verdict is so painful for the apologist’s of Israel to confront, those who dare speak out, risk the wrath of cowards. Well, what’s the point of an existence of serenity, if it is founded upon a malicious lie? The canard that drives our country into continuous hell, is based upon a ridiculous premise – that Israel is a friend of America.  

Blackmail as policy doesn’t produce mutual trust. The Daily News report – Jewish Leaders’ Unpardonable Role – states: “The ex-President didn’t really want to pardon Marc Rich. The Israelis or the Mossad or the Jews made him do it”. Niles Latham in the New York Post makes reference to: “A letter from former Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit to Clinton confirming that Rich provided “assistance” to the Israeli spy agency that produced results “beyond the expected” was among the documents released last week by Rich’s lawyer Jack Quinn to support the Rich pardon.

Joseph Wallace in – Israel Still Controls America – attributes excerpts from phone conversations between Clinton and Israel Prime Minister Ehud Barak regarding Marc Rich, published in Newsweek.

“Dec. 11, 2000, 6:17-6:36 p.m. (in the Residence):

“Prime Minister [Ehud] Barak: Okay, thank you. One last remark. There is an American Jewish businessman living in Switzerland and making a lot of philanthropic contributions to Israeli institutions and activities like education, and he is a man called Mark [sic] Rich. He violated certain rules of the game in the United States and is living abroad. I just wanted to let you know that here he is highly appreciated for his support of so many philanthropic institutions and funds, and that if I can, I would like to make my recommendation to consider his case.

“President Clinton: I am going to take all of them up at the same time. I know about that case …”

“January 8, 2001, 5:57-6:15 p.m. (in the Oval Office):

“Prime Minister Barak: Let me tell you last but not least two names I want to mention. … The second is Mark [sic], the Jewish American.

“President Clinton: I know quite a few things about that. I just got a long memo and am working on it. It’s best that we not say much about that.

“Prime Minister Barak: Okay. I understand. I’m not mentioning it in any place.

“President Clinton: I understand.

“Prime Minister Barak: I believe it could be important [gap] not just financially, but he helped Mossad on more than one case. …”

With this background, Mr Thomas writes: “Clinton has admitted that he granted the pardon “partly because the Justice Department did not oppose a pardon and because I had received a request from the government of Israel.” “That request came in a personal handwritten note from another old friend of Clinton, Israel’s former prime minister, Ehud Barak. The MI6 file reveals that the pardon was stitched into the Camp David peace agreement by another plea-bargainer, Benjamin Netanyahu”.

While the outrage over the Rich pardon will forever haunt Clinton, the rightful relevance for ordinary Americans centers on the core issue. Why does American policy bow to the will of Zionists? Are you so offended  by the question that you will immediately tune out and deny the evidence?  So many fair minded and good hearted people are so intimated by the mere thought of being smeared that they are willing to close their eyes to the undeniable.

This basic issue of what benefits our own country is the only standard that has true meaning for sincere American citizens. The cult of extortion leads to the desolation of self interest. It has long been argued that only a neutral foreign policy towards the Middle East serves our nation. Rewards for spying against our country is insane. In your heart you know the truth of this conclusion. The reason why nearly all electable politicians conform to the party line of unquestioned silence, is that the influence of the intimidation factor is so widespread and potent that sacrificing truth for approval, is the common Faustian bargain.

Politics is a clash of interests. Protecting Marc Rich is indefensible. Allowing the Mossad to operate with impunity and compromise our country is pure treason. Honest Jews would agree, zealots that place Israel above America will fabricate excuses and twist rationalizations to ridiculous levels. Unless the public confronts the hypocrisy of mutual friendship and face the reality of inherent conflict, the United States will continue fostering policies that destroys our safety, squanders our treasure and demeans our national integrity.

A crook is a crook, no matter what country employs him or domestic influence and support he taps. Again from Mr Thomas; in a sworn affidavit by Ghassan Quassem, for 17 years a senior officer with BCCI, states: “British weapons secretly destined for Abu Nidal were financed through BCCI offices and shipped under export documents that Marc Rich knew to be phony. My role at the bank was to handle the Nidal account. I later became a spy for the CIA and MI6.”

As Ghassan Quassem turned, Marc Rich remained what he always was – a subversive. If a citizen calls for the impeachment of a corrupt president from their own country is he or she unpatriotic? Or course not. So where is the outrage from American Jews towards the illicit Israeli policy that safeguards spies like Rich?  Many citizens resented the sentiment of Bush’s infamous War on Terror statement: “You are with us or against us” Well, if asked as a question and applied to the proper subject, it is a valid inquiry.

The experience of befriending Israel has proven to be detrimental to the well being of America. The Marc Rich affair reveals the real objectives of Zionism and the methods of the Mossad. This issue is reducible to fundamental loyalty. We all know Bill Clinton’s sympathies, and are sorely living through another betrayal from George Bush. Now it’s time for a gut check; yours? America’s actual interests differ from that of Israel. Until that understanding becomes integrated into an active self interest foreign policy, our country will endure further suffering and humiliation. How many more spies are in our midst? How many in positions of making current policy, need to be exposed for their true motives? Break yourself imposed silence; the truth will set you free . . .

SARTRE – March 5, 2004


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