Justice For The Janczewski’s – Their Son Repeatedly Raped For Years By Middle School Teacher, Neal Erickson, Who Was President of The Michigan Teacher’s Union and Even Now Supported By The Teachers….

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This is a story that SCREAMS for attention.   In Michigan a family has been, and continues to be, brutalized by a systemic rot within the school system.   A rot that perpetrates, and unbelievably as it sounds, excuses CHILD RAPE – despite the community outrage.

This just came onto our radar screen.   However, a cursory review shows this storyline has a similar disposition to the Penn State, Sandusky scandal.    The Janczewski’s son was brutally raped over a period exceeding three years (2006-2009) by his middle school math teacher, Neal Erickson.  

Years later, in 2012, an anonymous tipster alerted authorities to video and pictures on Child Porn websites of their son and his teacher engaged in oral sex, and worse.

The story is just horrific, vile and made all the more astounding because there is a community of teachers openly supporting the child rapist.   The repeated rape is not an allegation, it has been proven, Neal Erickson has admitted to it, and he has recently been sent to prison.

However, the rapist has supporters – Open and Public supporters.    Supporters who are teachers themselves and who are actively teaching in the same schools.   Supporters who are angry at the Janczewski family for assisting the authorities in filing charges.   And it gets worse – much worse.   The best identifiable summary of the backstory is available HERE.

Here are some of the issues we have identified as being sidelined by the media so far:

neil erickson

The rapist, the middle school math teacher, Mr. Neal Erickson, was a former President ofThe Michigan Educational Association.   The Michigan teachers union.  Which explains why the national media will not highlight, or go near this story.

The Parents were threatened, if they went forward with prosecution of Mr. Erickson, they would suffer retaliation.    The threats were not just veiled – they were carried out.   The Janczewski’s garage was burned down, their house barely escaping the fire and the message “I Told You – You Will Pay” scrawled on the side of their home.

Despite the protestations that Erickson was not a habitual child rapist, common sense begs to differ.    The fact he along with his victim are pictured on a porn site, means there were others involved.   Who took the pictures?   Where is their accountability?

Who is the anonymous source who reached out to the Board of Education and School Superintendent with the pornographic pictures of the abuse?   Why has there been no additional search for victims?

The School Board actually had membership who sat with the admitted rapist during the sentencing hearing.    The support for the rapist so egregious even the judge had to admonish them for their audacity and detachment from reality.

Here is a link to some of the letters written in support:

The School Board is meeting next week to determine if the local teachers can be disciplined or removed from their responsibilities.

The GRIPPING STENCH of the teachers UNION is thick on this one.



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