Justice Served- Zimmerman Not Guilty- Video Presser With Defense Attorneys After Verdict

Before It’s News – by Susan Duclos

George Zimmerman defense attorneys, Mark O’Mara and Don West, conduct a press conference after the jury found George Zimmerman not guilty of second degree murder as well as not guilty of manslaughter in the death of Trayvon Martin.

The first video below, Mark Omara responds to a question about whether Zimmerman will be in hiding and he explains that Zimmerman will be aware of his safety issues due to a “fringe element” who have said in tweets and such that they want revenge.  

The presser continues with more questions for both O’Mara and West.

In the second video, at the start, O’Mara responds to another question about whether the Zimmerman defense was worried about the manslaughter consideration after the jury came back and asked additional questions and he takes a hit at the judge by answering the jury was confused by confusing jury instructions.



17 thoughts on “Justice Served- Zimmerman Not Guilty- Video Presser With Defense Attorneys After Verdict

  1. Hoping West and O’Mara go after the news outlets, Nelson and the prosecutors for everything they are worth. Hoping Nelson and the prosecutors are eventually disbarred and driven into exile just like their buddy Mike Nifong.

  2. The last few seconds of the first video the lawyer said that zimmerman was not the agressor…… Well, if he was not the agressor then he was at the very least the instigator and he was for sure a stalker, and zimmerman was stalking Martin. Funny how cops and wanna be cops are always left to go free.Yea zimmerman dosen`t appear to feel one bit of remorse for murdering a kid teenager, just like a damned cop.

      1. Yep Mark. I was wondering about that one too. It has been so many years that I have had any trouble of any kind that I forgot. actualy it has been since the early 70`s for any kind of trouble for me. 🙂

    1. What was Zimmerman’s job? To watch the community where there were a rash of recent robberies? If I were in Zimmerman’s shoes, I would certainly want to be aware of strangers walking around in the community at night. I may even approach and ask instead of assume wrong doing.

      I think it all boils down to the attitude when approaching someone with an inquiry. The wrong attitude could potentially get someone to “bow up” or be provoked. However, a clean conscience would not be provoked.

      Do we know how Treyvon was approached and the attitude he received? I for one do not. So who really knows. We only get one side of the story.

      No “reaction” to this case from the public will change what has happened except make life worse for everyone else. I don’t want to live like that … do you? Do we make this our battle? Is this a case of choosing our battle carefully? I’m searching my conscience on this one very carefully.

      . . .

        1. Right Mark!
          I walk my neighborhood and everyone knows I have a gun. Another neighbor, half my age, a block or two away also carries. We cause no distress in our neighborhood, but a young chickenshit with a gun would get a visit from the law.
          While we have Open Carry here, people don’t put up with punks. We have no neighborhood watch, nor do we really need one. My neighbors may be sheep for the most part, yet they do look out for each other to a certain degree.
          And in a SHTF situation, I’m glad I’m bugging out and leaving the neighborhood to their own survival. I know they will turn into animals when the nationwide logistics meltdown and people can’t find toilet paper!
          Wait, most will run out of POP-TARTS and TV dinners first.

      1. Perhaps so Cathleen, but zimmerman was following Martin. If zimmerman was such a cencerned holly roller like he makes out he would have spoke out right away and asked Martin right away what he was doing there and why. zimmerman was out looking for trouble and zimmerman was stalking that Martin kid, and then he also had his gun to feel like he was some tough guy law enforcer. If you or I followed a cop for even a block or two that cop would get damned parinoid of why someone was following him. I know I have done that before and the pig said that I had better back off or it would be considered harassment. Just see what happens when you follow a cop car for a mile or two – yea just see what happens. They absolutely do not like it one bit and they think that we are looking for trouble. I know this first hand as a few people I know did that and they almost got in trouble with the cops. Zimmerman is just a cheap trouble making punk that likes to stalk people obviously.

        1. Maybe so, Digger … But nevertheless … Zimmerman was supposed to be the “authority” , and the adult which also dictates using common sense meaning another approach to Treyvon would have been a better choice instead of sporting a confrontational attitude. Would have probably saved both of them. More training for Zimmerman was obviously needed. I’m not willing to make this a racist thing. Both parties have the right to protect themselves from attack … no matter which party is doing the attacking. Major mistakes of discernment occurred by both Zimmerman and Martin.

          1. Yes Cathleen you ar right, but do those neighbor hood watch people have to take classes? I do not like either one of them guys, but when you are following someone in a so called crime area you are asking to get punched or beat or yea maybe even shot. It just doesn`t sem to me that zimmerman was very smart seeing as the position that he took up in that gated comunity they lived in. I knew a busybody in my town here where I live that thought she could do what zimmerman did to the point of being a nosey, busybody trouble maker and now she had to go to another town to find work and she is cold shoulderd where ever she goes because of her busybody nose. I mean she was the type that would call the cops on ya for being a public drunk just because she would wait outside of a bar to call the cops and most of the people she would call the cops on was for having 1 or 2 drinks at the most after work. That Zimmerman could have yelled at that Martin kid from 10 – 15 ft. away if he was so concerned and asked what he was going to ask Martin to let Martin know what was up. Anyway I just don`t think either one of those two were any angels to be sure………. Lets hope there are not any more riots because of this bs.

  3. I’m so glad it was as obvious to the 6 jury members as it was to me that there was a huge “agenda push” in the actions of Judge Nelson and the prosecution lawyers. The defense with their quiet, calm, words of wisdom, strength and reason made the aforementioned look like “half-cocked crazy ass loons” in the eyes of the jury members!!

    I pray for divine protection for Zimmerman and his family.

    . . .

    . . .

  4. Folks,
    This is far from over. Barry the Rat needs this to distract from all of his Felonies. And Ocrappers faithful lap-dogs on Communist Nanny Newz and especially the Socialist whores over at MSLSD are stirring up the soup and screaming racism.
    At least FAUX is discussing the “merits” of justice being served. LOL

    Remember MSLSD’s Melissa Harris Perry is the face and voice of the Open Letter to Snowdon to turn himself in. She has been on a lot in the past 18 hours and is clearly pissed and wants “Whitey’s” blood. She is also the skank that did the MSLSD propaganda that your children are not yours, remember that piece of tripe?

    1. Shes’ just pissed off because she can’t find a suitable lesbian to marry. She dreams about finding one who looks just like Hitler.

    2. Exactly rhumstruck!! We must not let ourselves be divided nor distracted. Stay the course!!! Alot of people could potentially be killed over this crap!!! Let God sort it out!!

      . . .

  5. @ Digger … ya … I don’t know what kind of training is given to a person in that position. I’d have to do more research on that.

    . . .

  6. This isn’t about race. It never was. It’s about the haves and the have nots.

    The 1 % are the haves, the other 99%…………………

    I know I’m preaching to the choir here, just sayin’……………………

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