7 thoughts on “Kamala’s husband: “We Have to Follow the ADL’s Lead!”

  1. Those rat-faced adl cowards won’t even leave the comments section on jootube open. Whatcha hidin’ rabbi? Don’t want the truth out?

  2. easy to see why the great germans hated the jews. we really need to come together and remove these parasites

    1. “easy to see why the great germans hated the jews.”

      The Germans were National Socialists who cannot compare to we free American nationals.
      Yes, it is easy to see why every decent person on this planet could hate the murdering jews and there will never be anything resembling peace on this earth as long as the zionist jews reign over the supercorporations we used to call countries, but I will be goddamned if I ever call any national socialist great. Socialism, hence national socialism, hence fascism, hence communism, are all tools of the zionist jews.
      Now if you want to talk about the great Americans, who through force of arms gained the autonomy through our Bill of Rights, speak loudly.
      Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against Germans as German blood is predominant in my family, but I am an American national, an individual free sovereign, and I hate f-king socialism, be it fascism or communism as both represent collective power over the individual.
      The Germans fought because they had no choice as the jews were starving their children to death, but in doing so they surrendered their individuality to the very collective socialism that had allowed the jews to infiltrate and take over their country.
      When you say “we really need to come together and remove these parasites”, who is we?

      1. Thanks, Henry. Such an important response. I hope it goes far-and-wide as lately I keep coming across more and more alt sites pushin’ the false ideal of “national socialism.” Some sell it as the only way to make society workable. It’s sickening to hear as they paint it as some kind of utopian existence. Aside from those under its mantle being fully controlled and steered, it also always seemed so robotic to me, with one person looking and behaving much like the other. All this, with the backdrop of being disarmed. Where was the breath of life we call freedom? The self-determinism? A people without a Bill of Rights like ours is a people unprotected from being owned. I do believe that today, the proponents of The Bill of Rights are bringing the national socialists to their knees, and what a good thing that is, because once they get up from off those knees, hopefully they may help with the fight that is the fight of every free individual. You’ve made it so clear Henry; all else is just different degrees of slavery.


    2. This guy is obviously a hasbarat or just an easily-led fool! He generalizes to confuse & most people will believe he’s referring to the Germans only in WWII so I will clarify for clarity. The “great” Germans, like ALL great people in all nations, have been great all through history long before National Socialism was around hence why the jews hate all non-jews – they despise individual greatness, creativity, ingenuity, natural beauty, in fact anything that is natural & that is why they seek to destroy or takeover anything that is non-jewish. Yes, a true parasite! Germanic blood from centuries ago is seeded all through Europe & the world & much of the resistance to jewish destruction we see in many places comes from this blood due to a genetic inheritance from ancestors who were fighting off the parasite across those centuries. EVERY people who seeks harmony with Nature ends up in conflict with the jew as the jew exists only to be at odds with Nature & everything that is a part of it.

      What I personally hate about any simple comments mentioning “Germans” is that it’s always presumed that they’re talking about ONLY the Germans that were NS during WWII & hence ALL Germans must be like this. There’s obviously a much richer history to EVERY nation & culture than just one event in a blip of time! jews would always have you believe otherwise! That is the mind manipulation part of their destructive parasitism!

      1. I don’t know how much blood plays into this. Blood doesn’t guarantee valor or honor. But I do know that what I’m seeing today from many American Nationals who know what we’re up against, is a fighting spirit much like the one that took hold at Lexington/Concord. This exists today beyond race. I choose to credit the INDIVIDUAL, of whatever race or color, from whatever ancestry, who is willing to go the distance to guarantee the right to live free is ever protected.


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