Karate Kid/Cobra Kai

I’d like to share that I just watched a quality series on YouTube for free.  You might have seen it already but I just found it.  “Cobra Kai.”  It’s The Karate Kid story continued after 30 years.  I was excited, just for nostalgia reason since that film affected me a lot in many positive ways.  Anyhow, long story short, I believe there are 10 episodes, each under half an hour.  There will be a season two, but not ’till 2019.

I will say I was pleasantly surprised.  Yes, it starts out with a little bad acting, but it improves as it progresses.  And yes, it’s a bit sophomoric at first and not without a a few liberal tinges, but over all, and predominately, it is about teaching kids to fight, to stand up for themselves and not back down.  I’m surprised they got away with some of the things they did.  In snowflake reality these aggressions would land one in jail.

So, I just wanted to recommend it as a positive in regards to everything the entertainment industry feeds kids today.  There really is some good substance here, and it’s catching on with the youth.  I find a little hope in that.  Here is the trailer for anyone who may want a glimpse:

ps:  And don’t forget, “Wax on.  Wax off.”  Could be we’re getting somewhere even when we don’t see it.


One thought on “Karate Kid/Cobra Kai

  1. “….it is about teaching kids to fight, to stand up for themselves and not back down…..”

    You’ll get the same result from punching the little brat in the face.

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