Karen Straughan, In Defense of Men

Here’s one woman’s very positive perspective that lays low some of the beliefs of feminism:

“One of the foundational beliefs of feminists is patriarchy. … The motivations behind that system were about survival for both sexes and in particular children and society’s. They were not systems of oppression that singled out women, that gave men all of the power in society and where men privileged themselves and men that they had never even met at the expense of their own wives, daughters, sisters, mothers. And this is really the foundation of feminist belief: is that men and men alone constructed a society that operates to subjugate, subordinate, and oppress women for the benefit of all men. I can’t even imagine what women must think about men and their nature as human beings if they believe that men would go out of their way to harm their female loved-ones, the people that they form their most intimate connections and bonds with right from the time that they’re nursing at their mother’s breast and build a system that oppresses those people for the benefit of some schmuck down the street that you don’t even know, and with all other men. It just does not compute with me. That has not been my experience of men in my life. I have met some men who were jerks. I have met plenty more men who are decent people who care about the women and girls in their lives. … It’s actually a Marxist model of society based entirely on conflict theory.”
— Karen Straughan, In Defense of Men, 12/27/17

14 thoughts on “Karen Straughan, In Defense of Men

  1. Our real men know this is true. Of course men built the infrastructure they have strong broad upper bodies. Real men know it would be nothing without a girl or a woman. Men rock!!

    1. “Bless you beautiful hide?”

      Sorry guys. This one was a bit over the top for me. Maybe there’s a middle-ground ‘tween who we were then and who we are now. Maybe.


  2. It’s too bad that something like this , even has to be said

    I tend to not give any of my time or attention to those that act like they are owed something just because who or what they are
    People like this run that catigory when it comes to me
    I see them as a waste of precious time

    Galen , thanks for posting

    1. You’re welcome, EOTS. Yeah, a sad state of affairs. Hearing her words gave me a sense of relief for I have known some of those she refers to, some extremely extreme feminists who repeatedly demean and even demonize men. They need to be countered at every turn for they are ugly and dangerous. I can’t be silent while they tear down my dad, brother, grandson. Ingrates! Never realizing the contributions of men, the value, the beauty. I’m sick of them!!


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