Katy Perry’s ‘USA DONE’ Song (CIA Propaganda)

Published on Mar 21, 2017 by Barry Soetoro

Why is Katy Perry’s video ‘Chained to the Rhythm’ packed with themes of American collapse and breakup of the nuclear family?

And why now, as we enter Spring 2017? Does Katy Perry know something we don’t about the Federal Reserve’s timetable?

WHY in the middle of this political video does Bob Marley’s grandson announce ‘riots’ as America’s ’empire’ ends?

There’s much behind Perry’s timing — the Central Bank, George Soros protests, and exhausted citizens who can’t keep up with skyrocketing expenses. As the American Dream collapses, Globalists and the Federal Reserve are planning to chaperone us thru controlled ‘protests.’

Amid the meltdown, Central Bankers plan to keep control of your wages, your currency, and your life. But how do you stage-manage the collapse of the Western World? Watch for the answer.

KATY PERRY VIDEO (See LYRICS in Description):

Civil War 2 Starts NOW:

3 thoughts on “Katy Perry’s ‘USA DONE’ Song (CIA Propaganda)

  1. Katy Perry does what she is told, period–and she actually admitted this sorta thing in video I saw about Hollywood celebs that sold their souls “to the devil”. Katy Perry, and so many other entertainers, are themselves under mind control (as were many sixties rockers and others)

    1. I have to disagree. I’m fairly certain Katy Perry and all the rest know exactly what they are doing and all this talk of monarch programming is just a front.
      They are entertainers after all. They are in the business of entertaining. Your being entertained.
      All the brainwashing stuff is just a big pile of weapons grade baloneyium.

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