Kay Griggs: Desperate Wives (1998)

Published on Dec 14, 2014 by Henry Shivley

Kay Griggs is the wife of Marine Corps. Colonel Al Griggs, and she lays out the entire process of finding, and grooming homosexuals for high-ranking positions in our military and government, as was detailed to her by her husband, others in their social circles, and her husband’s diary.

She reveals a lot of detailed, and accurate information, names the conspirators, and traces it all back to Zionist control.

The interview is old (1998), but it’s accurate, and may have been released long before the public was ready to hear it, as revealing as it is. It’s an important interview, because it provides first-hand confirmation of all the rumors regarding control of government officials through blackmail.

The original interview was 8 hours long, but this was edited by Eric Hufschmid. He seems to have cut it down to outline the blackmailing process, which according to Kay Griggs, goes back to operation paperclip.

– Jolly Roger

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