Kay Griggs FULL Interview 1998

Published on Jul 21, 2014 by WeAreChangeHollywood

The Kay Griggs Interviews
Download this full interview and keep a local copy as reference. You will never find such revelation of the truth at the top levels of the US Military anywhere else.

Kay Griggs is the famous Christian woman (American patriot whistleblower) interview session (7.5 hours) conducted with her by Pastor Rick Strawcutter in 1998. Kay was the wife of a high-level Marine Corps colonel who revealed to her the DARK underworld of top level military and its secret elite training programs, mind control tactics, psychological warefare, drug & weapon running, and assassination squads. The unedited nearly 8 hours of material contained here is epic. Download it and keep a local hard drive copy. These interviews were conducted in 1998. Kay Griggs’ recounting of how key people among us, including world leaders, are marked as rising stars and groomed for their positions is some of the most striking whistleblower testimony to have emerged, and forms the basis for a deeper understanding of global agendas in place today.




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6 thoughts on “Kay Griggs FULL Interview 1998

  1. Thanks, Wade. I always wanted to hear the whole thing.

    The links are to mp3 files. How do I go about loading the entire video as a file I can keep? Will you-tube allow that? (is it available for sale on a disc anywhere?)

  2. You can convert the video to mp3 audio at VidtoMP3.com, then download it to save on your player or whatever, though the conversion is slow, and the mp3 download will take 20 to 30 minutes for that big a file with the site’s slow download speed. Other sites are faster but are set to to result in an error for audio more than 20 minutes in length, and many other sites’ video and mp3 files of this interview have been erased, including at the wayback machine internet archive. Maybe someone else knows a quick way around it.

  3. I worked as a commercial diver for 15 years. I worked with former Seals, US Army Special Forces and Marine divers.

    When Kay said the Seals had to do a “Cold Kill” to graduate, she lost credibility.

    Her testimony would never hold up In court. I don’t believe her, and I don’t believe many would.

    1. Except that my relatives in the military have confirmed this- as per the Delta Force and top SEALs assigned to the most secret operations.
      Grigg’s credibility is fine when she sticks to the names, places and facts she actually witnessed. When she spouts her religious Xtian stuff repeatedly and what a wonderful Xtian she is, is when she begins to lose me. Even the over-emphasis on gays and sexual acting out is tired. Is it Unethical and risque’ ? Yes, but it is POLICY that is actionable, not marine sex peccadiloes. With the stuff she knows? Would have liked less gossipy National Enquirer material and more DETAILS about the criminality: Who murdered whom. Who, what, where drug and weapons running. Background on Ghaddafi training camps etc… Backstory on Iran Contra Ollie North or Persian Gulf War.

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