Keep And Bear: The Movie We Need Now More Than Ever

Constitution – by Andrew West

As our nation continues to grapple with the repercussions of the Parkland, Florida school shooting of Valentine’s Day, an in-depth conversation regarding the power of our Second Amendment needed to be had.

On the left, they are calling for a complete and total repeal of the all important right.  Meanwhile, conservative Americans are hoping to galvanize the verbiage that protects the entire populace from tyranny.  

Where in this nation of extremes could we possibly hope to find someone with an unbiased view on the subject of the 2nd Amendment, especially given the recent ramping up of rhetoric on the left?

Well, apparently, we find that perspective in Idaho.

In Keep and Bear:  The Movie, we watch the world through the eyes of Darren Doane, a man from California who, in 2014, decided to pack up his family and head to The Gem State – a place where Americans are very familiar with the reality of the 2nd Amendment.

Doane, however, had never even fired a gun before, let alone owned a firearm.

This immersive documentary has been heralded on by a number of users who rated the movie at the maximum 5 out of 5 stars, such as the gentleman below:

“I love the way this film took a guy that supported the second amendment, but was ignorant in the use of guns. Yet he knew he had to educate himself before he could pass judgment on it. Watching him and his family evolved was very entertaining. But what got my interest was how he commented on the news media basically doing their fake news stories and this is before fake news became a popular byline. My personal pet peeve is how every news agency loves to throw the word automatic or assault rifle out there every chance they get, I even heard one news reporter call a revolver an automatic they should have a rule that to do a news story on guns you must first go to a gun training course and learn about them before you are allowed to say something stupid about them.”

Amazon user Skyler Henry hit the nail on the head with his glowing recommendation as well:

“Whether pro-gun, anti-gun, an owner or not, everyone should watch this. It’s a tale of a man’s journey from having no knowledge about guns to learning and understanding guns, why they are so important in this country, and why owning guns itself is as important as it is a responsibility. Give it a watch, be informed, don’t be spoonfed misinformation by the media, think critically and think for yourself.”

Now, this well crafted motion picture tribute to the all-important 2nd Amendment is available for purchase at at a hefty discount of nearly 50%.


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