Keeping You Outside the Building – Parkland High School Shooting has 70 Cameras & Only 4 Released

Sons of Liberty Media – by Bradlee Dean

“The short memories of Americans is what keeps these false flag attacks moving forward.”

We’re seeing Facebook, YouTube, Twitter scrubbing the eye and ear witnesses as to what contradicted the CIA-controlled narrative when it came to what allegedly took place at Parkland High School in Florida.  (We found the ones that have been reposted) 

Student Alexa Meidnik was talking with Nikolas Cruz during this alleged shooting.

Snopes “Fact Checkers” claim that this was a false report!

Parkland Teacher’s First Thoughts After Seeing Shooter: “Why Are The Police Here?”

“Useful Idiot” David Hogg’ was coached by the propagandists (Thanks to Vimeo this one was restored.).

Parkland, Florida High School Student Reveals There Was A Scheduled Police Drill On Day Of Shooting

CNN pushed for a gun debate within 2 days without a shred of evidence released to the American people of what took place inside of that school.

Then, we witnessed a national walk-out of students who are being used to tthrow off the old form of government in an attempt to bring in the new.

Of course, the CIA-controlled media would have you overlook the students nationwide who walked out in support of the 2nd Amendment.

CNN is so rabidly anti-Second Amendment that they went so far as to broadcast a fake news story about an AR-15 purchase.

Are the American people going to figure out the games that conspirators play?

They now have the sheeple in America’s attention off of what it needed to be on, and that was a derelict deputy outside of the high school building.

They have Americans focused in on what they want the people to be focused in on through divertive measures.

This reminds me of the John F. Kennedy assassination. Over 200 people ran to the grassy knoll where they claimed that the shots were fired from, including 2 police officers, and the television cameras diverted the viewers to the book depository (Isaiah 5:20).

So obvious is this false flag event (Jeremiah 11:9) that CBS reported on March 16, 2018 the deputy outside of the building who “failed to protect.”

They talk out of both sides of their mouths. How does this fit the anti-gunners narrative?)

It was reported that the Broward County Sheriff’s office (which has had 66 open investigations into his department from drug trafficking to kidnapping), under Sheriff Scott Israel, released 27 minutes of surveillance which came from 4 cameras from the roughly 70 security cameras at the school.

They didn’t release any videos that showed the shooter, just the ones that focused on what Deputy Scott Peterson did as chaos unfolded.

Yet, they have Americans in a debate over the 2nd Amendment? Our God given RIGHTS (Luke 11:21) are not up for debate, period.

“A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.”

“Resistance to tyranny becomes the Christian and social duty of each individual. … Continue steadfast and, with a proper sense of your dependence on God, nobly defend those rights which heaven gave, and no man ought to take from us.” – John Hancock. 

The 2nd Amendment is a God-Given RIGHT, Americans, not a Privilege!

Sons of Liberty Media

6 thoughts on “Keeping You Outside the Building – Parkland High School Shooting has 70 Cameras & Only 4 Released

  1. Great article except for the fact that they refer to the right to keep and bear arms as the 2nd Amendment instead of the 2nd Article to the 1st Amendment. We need to confront everyone we meet that stands for the 2nd Amendment and ask them what states suing states have to do with firearms?

  2. NO one hides evidence unless they’re trying to deceive you. End of story.

    How do you know the Florida shooting was a false flag? Because they have 70 cameras and we’re only allowed to see footage from four of them. Witnesses are being silenced, and the Jews have a new list of gun control laws they want passed. It’s the same old story, and you can expect it to be an endless struggle until the criminal Zionists are hanged.

    I’d love to see someone whack that little Jew faggot Hogg square across the head with a nine-iron.

    1. I just had a similar thought, JR… but I was thinking more along the line of a full swing with a Louisville Slugger to the face.

      Not enough to kill him, but enough to break all his teeth out… to prevent any more LIES from spewing out that little commie’s piehole!

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