Kelley Eidem – cancer ‘snot’ – spicy food cure.

Mike Philbin

Massive caveat up front: THIS IS STILL SPECULATION as an alleged treatment for cancer (via its outer surface weakness) so don’t go ballistic when your doctor says, “Poppycock.” He’s probably never heard of this before…

According to Kelley Eidem:

The number one reason cancer is able to grow is excess sticky fibrin, a.k.a. ‘snot.’ Get rid of the sticky snot that surrounds cancer and the cancer will go away.

It’s not often discussed but, cancer cells are covered with lots of sticky fibrin. The fibrin in cancer is no different than any other fibrin in the body in that it becomes watery when exposed to the compounds in hot spices.

Fibrin is an absolute weakling when it comes into contact with the volatile oils in spicy food. You simply melt away the ‘snot’ and the cancer cells grow weak due to starvation. That’s because the feeding tubes collapse and also because the tumor itself is exposed having lost its sticky protective coating. [source Kelley Eidem]

Sure, it’s intriguing, but Free Planet hasn’t been party to the results of any practical course of cancer treatment using Eidem’s ‘spicy’ anti-snot cure nor have the numbers and types of cancer among Spicy Food Countries been factored into this quick blogpost.

However, spice-rich India, Thailand, Mexico and Morocco for example didn’t even make onto the Top 60 in the World Cancer Research Fund’s figures for 2011.

2 thoughts on “Kelley Eidem – cancer ‘snot’ – spicy food cure.

  1. not true.

    the reason cancer cells grow is because of mitocondrial failure
    infact that’s what makes them cancer cells.

    if you re-activate/repair the mitrocondria the cell will die.
    dichloroacitate is said to have this effect.

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