KFC 3D Prints “Chicken Nuggets,” Bill Gates’ “Breastmilk,” & Transhumanist Future of Food

9 hours ago
KFC’s 3D printed chicken nuggets and Bill Gates’ cell-cultured breastmilk are more than a gross novelty — they herald the unveiling of synthetic, lab-grown foods as a replacement of traditional agriculture, and a total takeover of our food supply by the technocratic transhumanists that seek total control. Christian explains why this is a significant inflection point in the devolution of our food. Spread the word and start growing food and raising animals today!

8 thoughts on “KFC 3D Prints “Chicken Nuggets,” Bill Gates’ “Breastmilk,” & Transhumanist Future of Food

  1. Another excellent video!! They are trying to turn us into pink slime, since we are what we eat. That was priceless!!
    Grow some food or support local farmers.

  2. Nothing wrong with Hydroponic as long as precise nutrients are used. We can trust big business to
    use the very same nutrients (minerals) that would exactly replicate natural ground growth, can’t we?

  3. You have to remember when KFC changed their name. Tradename/copyright what year? They’re letting us know because people have been eating this stuff for centuries. Think maybe its got something to do with karma so they don’t go to hell.!
    Same as for slime, hotdogs, well that’s been going on for years also. Maybe you can still find old videos, (maybe the way back machine) I remember it will. Also I found a couple months ago a label hiding inside a some fresh dill, “Baby Dill plu#4891 Product of Israel” wtf. Still have the label, people just don’t believe me when I tell them till they see the label. What’s this shit made of to stay so fresh? Of course I didn’t eat it. Lettuce is the same has a plastic very tin coating on it, again about 28 years ago it was thicker. Its all to kill us shorten our lives. Got to ask what is our natural life span??

  4. What is SENOMYX?
    They add it to many beverages and foods . . .
    Lets NOT Consume This . . . .
    NEW! Obama agency rules PepsiCo cannibalizing aborted fetus is “ordinary business”
    Source http://www.cogforlife.org/
    For Immediate Release:
    Obama agency rules PepsiCo cannibalizing aborted fetus is “ordinary business” Shareholders will not be informed or allowed to vote on resolution (Largo, FL) In a shocking decision delivered Feb 28th, 2012, President Obama’s Security and Exchange Commission ruled that PepsiCo’s use of aborted fetal remains in their research and development agreement with Senomyx to produce flavor enhancers falls under “ordinary business operations”.

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