One thought on “Kicking out the health department, orchard Park New York Erie County Athletes Unleashed

  1. That was nice to see somebody STAND UP FOR THEIR RIGHTS. 🙂
    I moved away from that area 40 years ago because it was depressed and not looking to get better. It will always have a Buffalo winter once a year. So I moved to the Seattle area where people minded their own business and everything was vibrant and vital. Then came the rest of the world and this corner of the country turned into a festering sh*tstain of $$$’d-up corruption on every level.
    At least in western New York they haven’t lost the ability to think for themselves.
    I LOVE where the owner(?) responds to the cop, “My health isn’t your concern.” And it should not be, unless he were bleeding out or spazzing from a heart attack.
    “…just doing my job…”, what a sh*tty job! Quit or go jump into Niagara Falls!!

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