2 thoughts on “Kid Punished For Using Wrong Gender Pronoun – Transgender – Tucker Carlson

  1. Government schooling is the prime issue

    School houses within walking distance and small class sizes eliminates the need for busing, mass vaccination and large scale infrastructure. We have all the tools within our hands to cut government out of the equation and handle education on a community level.

    Each day your sending your children down the road to public school and into the hands unknown people, its not safe or effective and if you look at the fruits of public school over time one can only conclude that it is a deliberate brainwashing magicians trick where time is wasted on impractical knowledge and misinformation. Now add in the frequency of rape/molestation seen in public schools with the narcotic and societal shaping agendas and what you have is down right evil, its just wrapped in pretty paper by your local whore news media.

    Cut out all the middle men (DIY), that’s how we can start fixing this world…

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