Kids say Michelle’s school lunch tastes like vomit

First Lady of SnotFellowship of the Minds – by Eowyn

This is a screenshot I took of the snot (red arrow) dribbling from M.O.’s left nostril at the 14:20 mark of a White House video of her speech at the National Governors Association Meeting on Feb. 28, 2011. Click here for the video.

Public school students across America are saying the healthy school lunches that are a signature issue promoted by “First Lady of Snot” Moochie Obama taste like regurgitated food.  


Those are the words attributed to kids in rural Kentucky, reported by Harlan County Public Schools board member Myra Mosley at a contentious board meeting last week. Mosley says: “They say it tastes like vomit.”

Parents at the board meeting complained that their children are starving at lunch — and for the remainder of the school day — because the food on offer in the cafeteria is crappy and there isn’t nearly enough of it.

Under the National School Lunch Program and the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, participating schools must provide lunches — including free or reduced price lunches — with minimum amounts of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables and whole grains. There is also a calorie cap: 850 for high school lunches, 700 for middle schools and a mere 650 calories for kids in elementary school.

Students can only have one serving of meat or other protein. However, rich kids can buy a second portion each day on their own dime.

Meanwhile, Channel 11, the CBS affiliate in Dallas/Forth Worth, Texas, reportsthat at least one North Texas school district — Carroll Independent School District — has dropped out of the new federal lunch program.

The district’s Nutrition Services Director Mary Brunig says the federal program’s requirements are too restrictive.  “You have to follow exactly what is in this meal pattern, if you are the national school lunch program.” As a result, a lot of food wound up in the trash. “With the new program in place, the new meal pattern, our participation started to drop.  And the other thing was there was food waste.  Children were not eating the food. If the children aren’t eating the food, there’s no nutrition.”

Starving children and colossal waste of taxpayer dollars. Way to go, Mooch!

Yet another reason to home school your kids!


9 thoughts on “Kids say Michelle’s school lunch tastes like vomit

    1. Who ever said she had class in the first place? Woman doesn’t even know how to dress properly. Hard to believe our tax $ is supporting these “things”.

      1. you pay taxes?haha, well then you are part of the problem and I have no sympathy for you woes. tax code law is only 1300 pages or so. most of it does not apply to individuals.
        i suggest getting a law dictionary because most of the words in it mean something different than webster states.

  1. Kinda’ off subject, but, the snotty nose thing? Very, very good cocaine. She can afford it. It is probably free for her anyway.

  2. How many calories did the lunches have in the past, before this new policy was imposed?

    There are so many reasons to avoid the state-provided and regulated school lunch, but sadly for many kids, that is one of their few means of getting ANY nutrition. We really CAN do better. Sounds good that some districts are starting to opt out. But what that tells me is that this is really extremely bad; because the school lunch program has always come with some attractive incentives for the schools. The lunches have never been great, but they’ve been somewhat adequate and not worth the trouble to argue against…. except recently.

  3. Wonder how it compares to the pink slime.

    Stupid cow.

    Sorry, I apologize to cows everywhere.

    Stupid wookie. (since those don’t really exist, no apology necessary)

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