Why Killing The Iran Deal Could Start The Next War In The Middle East

World Events and the Bible

WEB Notes: Right off the bat the new US administration made it obvious their goal would be to attack Iran at some point. We are still waiting for that, but the signs are becoming clearer by the day. Trump just issued sanctions against the IRGC and despite Iran being compliant recently stated Iran could be declared non-compliant even though they are compliant with the nuclear deal. Confused? You should be.

Then we have the unforgettable headlines from earlier this year…

The Iranian issue is not going away, it is and will escalate into a conflict at some point. It is written. We are seeing the same thing take place in Syria right now.

This article goes on to paint Iran in the colors of the enemy, clearly pointing out their lack of understanding the situation at hand. If a nation is compliant with the deal signed, you cannot make them non-compliant for reasons outside of the said deal.

There are troubling signs that the Trump administration is itching for a fight with Iran. While the White House recently certified that Tehran was complying with the nuclear deal, fresh sanctions and thinly veiled references to regime change should raise serious concern that the administration will be searching for any excuse to avoid recertifying Iran’s compliance come the next review in October. In fact, President Donald Trump tasked a team in the White House with coming up with reasons to withhold certification at the next opportunity. And in a July 25 interview with the Wall Street Journal Trump prejudged the October outcome, saying he fully expected Iran to be declared noncompliant.

Breaking the nuclear deal, presumably to keep a campaign promise, could put Washington on a slippery slope towards a military confrontation with Iran. Sabotage of the accord that Iran negotiated, not only with the United States, but also with Russia, China, the United Kingdom, France and Germany, would be received in Tehran as a message that Washington is preparing for military action, and that it must therefore prepare for the worst. This path towards confrontation would wreak havoc on an already unstable Middle East, undermine U.S. national security interests, and potentially put American lives at risk.

Source: Why Killing the Iran Deal Could Start the next War in the Middle East | The National Interest

World Events and the Bible

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