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Kim Dotcom just called out Clinton with Assange’s untold secrets

Kim Dotcom just called out Clinton with Assange’s untold secretsSlash Gear – by Chris Burns

Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom speaks up about the 2016 Presidential Elections in the United States, suggesting that Julian Assange will call out Hillary Clinton with some “potential roadblocks.” In an interview about a wide range of internet-related topics, Dotcom spoke with Bloomberg’s Emily Chang this week on “Studio 1.0.” This interview called upon Dotcom’s earlier suggestion that he would be “Hillary’s worst nightmare in 2016,” while Dotcom suggested further that he’d “have to say it’s probably more Julian,” but that he was “aware of some of the things” that will inhibit Clinton’s road to the White House.  

Julian Assange is the founder and head face of WikiLeaks, a system through which many top-level secrets (government and non-government related) have been shared over the past several years.

This system took part in the Edward Snowden leaks, pushing documents on subjects like outline surveillance by the United States and British governments.

Continuing to suggest that Julian Assange will be Hilary Clinton’s worst nightmare in 2016, Dotcom alluded to the idea that they might collaborate efforts publicly.

“If I can can provide some transparency with these people and make them part of what the Internet Party stands for,” said Dotcom, “then I will be happy to do that.”

“[Assange] has access to information,” said Dotcom, “I don’t know the specifics.”


When Dotcom speaks about the Internet Party, he refers to the New Zealand-based political party he founded, one which promotes Internet Freedom and privacy. This party’s president is Michael Tucker as of the publication of this article, and a recent push of their aims included the following list:

• Provide unlimited high-speed internet to all New Zealanders, 50% cheaper than current prices
• Build another submarine communications cable connecting New Zealand to the world
• Create new high-tech jobs
• Restrict government surveillance
• Review the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement
• Copyright reform
• Encourage clean energy and green technology
• Reduce social inequality

Obviously any Internet Party action in the United States would bring a slightly different set of aims, but the basics would still be there.

“Hillary hates Julian,” continued Dotcom during his Bloomberg interview, “she’s just an adversary of, I think, Internet freedom.”

“And she signed your extradition request,” asked interviewer Emily Chang.

“Yeah,” said Dotcom, “you know the crazy thing is I actually like Hillary, I like Obama… it’s just so crazy that all of this happened.”

See more on Dotcom’s recent past in the timeline below, and check our Wikileaks tag portal for more information on what’s set to be made public next.

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3 Responses to Kim Dotcom just called out Clinton with Assange’s untold secrets

  1. Millard says:

    I would love to see some muck stick on that bitch. She’s slipperier than “snot on a doorknob” so, hopefully, they have something on her that she can’t slither out from under.

  2. Grim fandango says:

    Assange has NEVER exposed anything that those of us in the “awake” community didn’t already know. This is more BS. You can be sure there’s nothing “new” here.

  3. Enemy of the State says:

    My thoughts are

    If you REALLY have something,, you dont TALK about it.. you DO it

    when it comes the Clintons ,, giving them heads up on your intentions leads to a pine box ,, probably just another distraction

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