Kindergartener Gets Detention for Bringing a Lego Gun to School

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The stupidity of zero tolerance rules claims yet another victim, this time in Massachusetts:

A 6-year-old kindergartner sparked an uproar at his Massachusetts school when he was spotted brandishing a tiny plastic Lego gun on the school bus last week.  

Mieke Crane, the child’s mother, insists that officials at Old Mill Pond Elementary School in Palmer overreacted when another student saw the toy, which is slightly bigger than a quarter, and alerted the driver Friday.

‘She [driver] said he caused quite a disturbance on the bus and that the children were traumatized,’ Crane told the local station WGGB.

So, if I understand this correctly, Lego is not only producing toys that will traumatize children, but stores across the country are selling these monstrosities!?


You know what this is, right?

Straight up indoctrination.  Teach the children to be terrified of guns.  Teach the children to watch their friends. Teach them to alert authorities if someone violates a rule, even if it’s with a toy gun.

Reminds me of something:

Of course, we don’t have telescreens…yet. But the children are coming along nicely, aren’t they?

7 thoughts on “Kindergartener Gets Detention for Bringing a Lego Gun to School

  1. Maybe the children wouldn’t have been traumatised if he had used it correctly. Apparently he wasn’t playing with it he was brandishing it. He should be tried as an adult.

  2. Wow. I didn’t know that there was an older version of “1984”. I thought Michael Radford’s version with John Hurt was the only one. I guess you learn something new everyday.

    1. Saw that one when I was a kid, NC. Good movie.

      “‘She [driver] said he caused quite a disturbance on the bus and that the children were traumatized……”

      This stupidity has gone WAY beyond ludicrous.

      Insanity abounds!!!

  3. This demonstrates the totality of absurd in any totalitarian society. It cannot be avoided because it makes no allowance for common sense. It means all.

  4. With Common Core(DSM-5/Manipulation/Communism), Global Warming (false science), GAY moral values, and this insanity about firearms, schools are now “good little communist values” centers. The Constitution? What’s that? Conspiracy theory, or home grown terrorists. This is the crap being taught in schools. Meanwhile, the teachers need more money, the “leaking buildings” need upgrades (no computers) , after all that, get a loan and go see COLLEGE where your worthless degree doesn’t qualify you to touch my home network, let alone 500 people telemarketing.

    Boycott degree’s from crap loan shark (spying) colleges, with a hatred for the Constitution, Bill of rights, Boycott the college and the degrees.

    What next at this school? A pressure cooker lego?

  5. More good news…. this will cause a million people will see how entirely ludicrous the public school system is.

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