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This is the knowlege they don’t want us to know

Published on Dec 24, 2016 by Casey’s DAD

. They tell us that quantum theory is for really smart people with backgrounds in math and science and that common people aren’t smart enough to grasp the concept. That’s just not true
It takes creative thinking and imagination. Both of which are discouraged in public schools in the United States. It’s fun and very thought provoking. We have the answers to the universe we just don’t know it yet. He who knows, and know he knows, Knows.
Science is nothing more than someone with a guess on how something works and then compares it to things in nature. If at any point your guess is disproved by an experiment that contradicts your theory, it’s back to the drawing board. The great thing about science is that you don’t need a college degree to think of a solution on how something works that no one else has been able to figure out, and suddenly you are getting a Nobel prize in Physics. We just need to stop watching television and think for ourselves.

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