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So many people just fail to grasp the extent of jewish control in our daily lives. Quite a few people are aware of most of what the jews are up to in our world but these people think that as long as jewish malfeasance doesn’t affect them personally that they don’t wish to make waves by taking any sort of stand against jewish crime. Most of these people turn a blind eye to jewish terrorism around the world whether it’s the killing of innocent Palestinians or Lebanese with illegal weaponry or anything else this criminal race of creatures is up to in our world. Foolish non-jews who believe this coward’s credo have no idea that, not only has jewish crime crossed their sacred thresholds, that their entire lives and private worlds are completely influenced and/or run by hidden jewish hands.

The vast majority of Americans have no idea about what the hell the jewish  federal reserve (non-federal with no reserves) system is and don’t seem to care either, nor have much of any clue about the holocaust hoax extortion scam let alone anything else these malevolent rats are up to in our world.

When it comes to food most of us take this personally, we want good, wholesome food free of chemicals and other crap. Maybe, just maybe, you will finally be stirred to action when you here about how, with each bite of food, you are supporting a bunch of rabbi parasites and the crimes that these monsters carry out elsewhere, apart from their crimes of extortion relating to our food.

Why should you care if kikes are extorting your money with each bite of food you eat? Or every time you use a piece of foil, wash your hands, use cleanser to scrub your toilet or just about anything else you do around your house? Yeah, that includes using your kosherized steel frying pan that you made your bacon and eggs with this morning!

Well, it’s extortion—and most of you have no idea that you are being fleeced everyday in this way—others believe the lies from jewish lips that this racket doesn’t even exist. I have been screaming about this racket for years and despite only a very small fraction of jews demanding kosher foods (for religious reasons) this scam just gets bigger with every passing year. Now it’s almost impossible to find any product in your supermarket that hasn’t been hit and marked by these jewish vampires, including many other non-food products that require no kosherization under jewish dietary law.  Yet are still being unnecessarily kosher taxed, for fun and profit anyway.

Here’s a brief explanation of what is going on here and it is followed by an example of h0w this scam works—and keep in mind, either a company submits to kosherization, or jewish distributors and  jew run supermarkets will simply refuse to stock your products. Resistance does seem futile for a company that does not wish to pay the tax—it is up to us to put a total end to this extortion and run these predatory creatures into the sea.

The Kosher Tax is an outrageous example of jewish control on our every day lives. Go to your cupboard and examine your food’s packaging; it’s very likely you will find a circled U or K on each package. (some symbols are a letter such as the U inside a triangle) These symbols are not to be confused with the circled C or R, which are copyright and registered trademark notices; they are symbols that indicate that the product has been “blessed” (read: cursed) and that you have paid a tax for this service.

The “fee” for the blessing (curse), is paid by the corporation that manufactures the product, and must be paid for each product made, so a company like General Foods can pay hundreds of these “fees” each year. These “fees” are passed on to you, the consumer, regardless of whether you are jewish or not. Every expense a company incurs in production of a product for sale, is naturally offset in the price of each product sold. This includes advertising costs, business operating costs, etc. ALL for profit businesses operate in this fashion. If the business occurs an expense in bringing you a product, YOU the consumer pay said expense, period.

Read the rest and see the pics here:

6 thoughts on “Kosher Tax

  1. Recently I was in the store shopping and ran across two young girls shopping for “kosher dills”. I asked them if they knew what kosher meant. When they said, “no”, I explained that kosher means it has been blessed by jews. Right away they began searching for pickles not marked kosher. We all need to speak up when seeing others complying with the system.

  2. I viewed a video from a youtuber explaining how to eat like the elites do. He explained the kosher symbology on packaging and was fervently supporting it. I replied that the tax/fee imposed for bearing the markings was evil in nature, but as a Christian minister he could not speak poorly of the jewish oversight. I said that I avoid the mark of the beasts whenever possible, but he failed to see the similarity and felt he was eating healthier because of those sigils. Donny of Daytona, nice fella, but not too wise.

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