L.I. School Scraps U.S. Bill Of Rights – But Only for a Day So Students Can Compare Nazi Bans With Freedom Here

1791-1941 (150th Anniversary of The Bill of Rights)

Brooklyn Eagle, Brooklyn, N.Y.,  Thursday, Feb 20, 1941

Special to the Brooklyn Eagle

Sag Harbor, Feb 20 —– Students at the Pierson High School here will goosestep from class to class tomorrow under the watchful eyes of “Storm Troopers” alert to punish the slightest infraction of the institutions “new order”  

The regimentation to be imposed by Supervising Principal E. Raymond Scheible prohibits all expression of personal opinions, bars the rights of assemblage and forbids students to attend denominational religious instruction classes for which they are usually excused on Friday afternoons.

Cosmetics for girl students will be on the verboten list, with such feminine foibles as nail polish, lipstick and fancy hair-dos under the ban of the new order.  Cheap cotton hose and sackcloth dresses, however, will be permitted, providing, of course that they are sufficiently unattractive.

Under the drastic regulations, teachers may demand that students take them home for lunch, the menus being provided by the hungry faculty members.

The “Dictatorship Day” program has been arranged as a climax to the celebration of Bill of Rights Week, with the purposes of giving students a practical demonstration of how little life would be worth living without the privileges guaranteed in the United States by law.

Mr. Scheible will assume the unpopular role of “Dictator” for the day, assisted by members of the faculty acting as “Storm Troopers.”

The liberties given to individuals under the Bill of Rights will be the theme of an assembly program to conclude the day of imposed bans at the school tomorrow afternoon.


3 thoughts on “L.I. School Scraps U.S. Bill Of Rights – But Only for a Day So Students Can Compare Nazi Bans With Freedom Here

  1. Surely the students will have one day to show this school faculty what happens when their BofR’s is violated right?

    This is so stupid! If I were in that school I’d refuse this stunt!

  2. Back in my day, they didn’t allow going home for lunch. Eat in the cafeteria or don’t eat. No leaving school grounds. No opening doors to the outside or you get detention. Locked in or kicked out, your choice.

    That was in the 60’s/70’s. That was Lockport High School, the same one that is putting in the first ever realtime facial recog system!

    Some things never change, but if they do, it’s almost always for the worse.

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