0 thoughts on “LA Cops Punch Homeless Woman

  1. That is a clear cut case of police brutality. That officer should be stripped of his badge and put in jail for assault. When the officer tried to confiscate the cell phone from the veteran, that too was a blatant crime against a United States citizen.

      1. This woman is probably a known Jihadist cleverly disguised as a mentally unbalanced and pathetically neglected and helplessly, hopelessly drifting human being. Otherwise why would our fine public servants administer such a level of violent treatment?

        It is so reassuring to know how psychologically well balanced our law enforcement officers really are! Great “folks” aren’t they? What training!

        And as we plummet ever deeper into the abyss of societal madness….have a nice day.

    1. Oh, Clark!

      Don’t be silly! Everything is just fine! This is just “Hope and Change” and “The Transformation of America”!

      Progress man…progress! After all…how can we afford to financially supplement the existence of nonproductive inhabitants? Have you priced a Gulfstream private jet lately?

      How about a little compassion for the “movers and shakers”….eh?

      1. Brian, It is good to see you finally standing up for something worthwhile. We should all follow your example and demand a corporate jet and a castle in the Netherlands for every CEO who has been good enough at their jobs to receive a million or more in yearly bonuses for the past three years.

        1. Well, thank you, Henry.

          After all, isn’t it about time that we hard working, honest, law abiding, moral, family and friend loyal, tax paying, military serving to death or disablement (to be later ignored,) patriotic, country and freedom loving schmucks finally had some compassion for the spiritually void, conniving, lying, deceitful, manipulating, ruthless, amoral, dishonest by nature, perverted human refuse that control all life on this planet?

          Glad to see y’a fin’ly comin’ around and gettin’ with the new world order….death to all decent people and ruthless dominance and free reign to steal, plunder, rape, destroy, and generally wreak havoc as they please to all the human scum that by virtue of their innate, unconscionable, evil nature have hammered and clawed their way to the “top”!

          Yeah! Here’s to the f***ing future!

          Pissed off? Who me? Hell no! I just love getting brainwashed for 60 years and then f***ed over. Who wouldn’t?

          1. Ok. Henry. I know I have a tendency to be a bit reserved in expressing my opinions.

            I will think the content of my previous response over and try to come up with something a bit less compromising and timid.

            No promises. That might be the best I can do until after the lobotomy….they tell me it will help me “clear my thoughts”. They are trying to schedule me but there seems to be a problem on that with medicare so they’re trying to “move it up”.

            Oh, gee! Can’t wait!

          2. If you would like we can start a drive on the site to pay for your operation. We are your friends and we are here to help.

          3. Booze….. a lobotomy….. six of one, half a dozen of another. We just want you to be happy.

          4. Well, actually Steven Hawking and I did have to suspend our collaborative research on plasma warp drive, sub nuclear reconstruction, the cure for every disease known to mankind (we were very close) and cold fusion (a little more challenging but doable) due to funds from MIT having been mysteriously cut off back in ’08.

            Something about a “pailout” …or something like that…can’t quite remember the term…

            Whatever…not my area of focus…anyway…that budget was between 12 and 15 M annually which easily allowed for ample …uh…”operating” allocations. (Sure do miss that…yep! The Bentley was really comfy…and the gas card? yeah baby!)

            I’d love to commence. I’ll PM you on where to deposit the funds.

            Thank you so much.

            Deeply appreciated.

          5. I would like to get to work on this as soon as possible. I hope it is as successful as our drive to raise money to study the decline in the population of homosexual Eskimos. (We must find out what is stopping them from reproducing before they are extinct.)

          6. Now THERE is a cause of vital importance…you should be able to get that funded out of Washington quite easily!

            How could I have overlooked that? I must be deteriorating faster than I thought.

          7. It is this lack of awareness that has put the homosexual Eskimos on the endangered species list. If more people knew what was going on, we might very well save the homosexual Eskimos, and when we get done we could start looking into this “Destruction of the Republic” thing I have heard rumors about. Of course we must keep our priorities straight.

          8. Yes, Henry. I have heard some talk about that political stuff too. Would you believe that there are actually people who think this Ron Paul character isn’t an escaped mental patient with all that blabber about the “constitution”? Whatever THAT is….have you heard of it? Isn’t it some sort of antiquated set of rules designed a thousand years ago by the Greeks or somebody like that to keep governments in check or something?

            Whatever…all know is the football team I bought last year didn’t do well and it cost me dearly. Oh yeah…and this Eskimo thing is no joke either. Let me know how I can help.

          9. Well sir, for as little as $25 a month you can adopt a homosexual Eskimo and follow his or her progress. They will even send you a picture of your homosexual Eskimo.
            As for this Ron Paul fellow, I read in a Russian newspaper, translated into French, then into English, that Paul is actually an Eski-homo-phobic. I think deranged it putting it lightly. Quite frankly I think the man must be stopped. Fix the elections, assassination, whatever it takes.
            What is the saying, sometimes you have to crack a few eggs to make an omelet.

          10. Can I adopt a few recently released child molesters and rapists also ? I have a…well…sort of a “special” rehab program I’m designing and I’m thinking these three groups might make for an interesting…uh…well…let’s call it an experiment. Do I get physical custody?

          11. I don’t think you quite understand. Homosexual Eskimos are a protected species. If you want to engage in some kind of wild experiment you are going to have to get yourself some regular homosexuals. I can help you apply for a government grant and for 4 or 5 hundred dollars you could get yourself a Volkswagen load of homosexuals out of San Francisco. As for the pedophiles I hear they are a dime of dozen in Pennsylvania.

        1. Funny? I’M …funny? Funny like how…You mean funny like a clown…like I amuse you…I’m heah to amuse you? Eh? OOOO!

          Sorry…love that scene…couldn’t resist.

          Well, actually Clark, since the world around us is about as funny lately as a sponge rubber walker in a geriatric ward it’s the only way I know to keep from jumping off an overpass during rush hour. Hope you’re doing OK. Business this week where I work was at about 30%….just like that! Just dried up. Great…and guess who the first to go is if it doesn’t bounce back…like quickly? That ain’t gonna be funny!

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