LA Drowning In Homeless Street Slums, Filth, Disease – by Frosty Wooldridge

Dear Jeff,

These pictures from LA are exactly what I saw on my bicycle last summer. I rolled through miles of blue tarp tents, nylon tents, filth and garbage, and thousands of people who are druggies, brainless, illiterate, filthy, diseased – and there is no way out for them.

How in the hell did we go from a vibrant American Los Angeles to a filthy sh*t hole in less than 25 years? Answer – we invited it.  

How did we go from 9/11 to putting an America-hating, 60-ish IQ, Somalian woman – married to her older BROTHER – into the US House of Representatives? Then there is that second Muslim FGM-Sharia supporting woman from Palestine also into the House from and who promptly tells us that ‘We’re going to impeach the motherf*cker’ Trump.

Jeff, none of this is going to end well for Canada, America and Europe. As I said, in another 10 years, we face an added 35 million Third World people added to our country.

From Murray’s book, none of the leaders in Europe anticipated that those Third World muslims would bring their cultures with them and totally deform all of Europe. The white Europeans were all afraid of the word ‘racism’ being tossed their way when, in fact, the biggest racists of all are the West-hating Muslims.

Read the rest and see the pics here:

6 thoughts on “LA Drowning In Homeless Street Slums, Filth, Disease

  1. The author is correct on almost everything here, except the single most important aspect: He is pointing his anger at muslims instead of the REAL evil…jews. Europe and the rest of the world will be destroyed by the third-world cesspool people, but is it is the jews who have orchestrated all this through media brainwashing and international pressures.
    Make sure to know your true enemy.

  2. I guess this dude never heard of Barbara Lerner Specter, and while Muslims can be evil, the source of evil is Satan, and Satan’s synagogue, of which Ms. Specter is a member. And do you really expect me to believe a woman with an IQ is 60 can speak the truth about the syn of sat controlling this govt.? And I also suppose you wish the syn of sat would have murdered that Palestinian you hate, and all the rest of ’em! I don’t particularly like Omar and Tlaib either, but if they speak the truth about the syn of sat, then it doesn’t really matter if I like them or not! Maybe you should go to Tel Aviv, where they drown in gay rituals!

      1. I noticed ol’ Frosty seemed to be condemning those homeless, disregarding that they are Americans.
        Also, this dude is cycling for adventure. C’mon, who can afford to do that & what kind of stake do you have in things when your quest is adventure?


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