Lafayette Louisiana ACTORS and Social Media “professionals” Playing FAKE “concerned citizens”

Published on Jul 26, 2015 by DutchsinseReloaded

Caught red handed, fake “concerned” citizens ALL happen to be social media experts and media marketing students / teachers? One full blown actor from Lucasfilm?!

Full post with screenshots of each person (and links to their pages) here:…

and here:…


Thanks to Freeradiorevolution for putting out his video, watch it here:…


Here they are in all their paid pet shillacious social media “expert” glory.

Watch the original NBC video here with the fake social media expert actors playing “concerned citizens”:…

The social media “experts” are about to learn the REAL social media lesson.. let’s teach them.. starting with the Doctoral TEACHER who is pretending to be a peppy “citizen”… meanwhile she lists her specialty as “persuasion + social media”

Dr. Lauren Auverset teaching social media and communication at the University of Alabama, formerly doing Public relations at University of Louisiana at Lafayette:


Next we have social media expert and marketer, former US Marine, and also former Dubai Saudi Arabia oil company affiliate named Nathan Justice.

Turns out he was ALSO a Public Relations specialist / student from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette!…


Next we have social media expert and marketer, as well as National Diversity Council social media manager, and also former Louisiana State University student / intern.. Erin Boyd:…


Finally we have a full blown actor from Lucasfilm, Named “Donal O’meadhra (donald with no D at the end).

Lists himself as on X-files and TopGear… lists himself as currently working for Lucasfilm of him with Doctor Who from the BBC.…

2 thoughts on “Lafayette Louisiana ACTORS and Social Media “professionals” Playing FAKE “concerned citizens”

  1. Okay.. I watched half the video, and no more than that was necessary to get the idea.

    There’s no shortage of cheap, lying whores in this world, and with no honor or integrity, they’re always willing to sell their ass to the highest bidder, or any bidder, and you should expect that the lying Zionist media would be exactly where a cheap slut, like those pictured in the video, will find employment.

    That’s what they do. If you’re tired of being deceived, turn off the goddamn TV set. If you want to spend your life as a clueless, brainwashed moron, stay tuned in. It’s your life.

  2. I would never know about this aspect of the deception if it wasn’t posted on the internet, since I quit watching the idiot box completely more than 6 years ago.

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