Lake Louise & Moraine Lake, Banff NP, Canada

Published on Sep 2, 2015

The beautiful lakes Louise & Moraine in the Banff National Park, Canada, and views from three popular scenic hikes in the surrounding area.

n the video: Lake Louise (0:05), Fairview Mountain Trail (0:32), Lake Agnes Trail (1:55), Plain of the Six Glaciers Trail (2:45), Moraine Lake (3:14), Larch Valley-Sentinel Pass Trail (4:13).

Recorded July 2015 in 4K (Ultra HD) with Sony AX100. Edited with Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

6 thoughts on “Lake Louise & Moraine Lake, Banff NP, Canada

  1. Wow….stunning beauty.

    Just remember that if the American people don’t take this country back, those that are allowed to live will be stuck in an Agenda 21 apartment (cell) when they’re not standing on a bread line, and they’ll never see anything like this again.

  2. Visited Lake Louise & Banff in ’05. Stayed at the International Hotel in Banff for a night… nice place.
    Coincidence – I’m wearing my Banff cap today, it’s one of my favorites. 🙂

    1. But I’m also wearing a hand-painted t-shirt from Fiji & my Dublin sweatshirt.

      One thing that trips me out about Oregonians – they love to wear anything with an Oregon logo, especially Ducks around here. I’m the opposite, I only own one OR t-shirt, and that’s from Corvallis (I liked the elk emblazoned on it). People in L.A. rarely wore stuff that said L.A. or Ca on it, we all knew where we were (LOL). I’ve always been ‘politically incorrect’ anyway, so I love to wear stuff that’s from anywhere BUT here.

      It shows where I’ve been… not where I am. 🙂

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