LAPD Manhunt – Another False Flag?

false flagFront and center in the present propaganda is one Chris Dorner, an ex-LAPD officer who is accused of going on a murderous rampage and is said to still be at large.  After much evaluation and thought, a consensus is building to support the assertion of yet another false flag.

Chris Dorner is portrayed as a very capable aggressor who just retired as a captain from the Naval Reserve with credentials in both land and underwater warfare.  However there are many discrepancies surfacing as the situation remains fluid.

There have been interviews with a couple of people who are said to know Chris Dorner, one ex-police chief and an old college buddy.  Question: Where are the people who knew Dorner the day before the shooting spree began?  Has he no close friends, no family, if not, why not?

Then there is the issue of the conflicting manifestos.  As pointed out by JD, US Marine Fighting Tyranny on the Friday broadcast of The Word From the Trenches, the discrepancies between who Chris Dorner would seem to be through critical observation and who he is being portrayed as by the communists-that-be are undeniable.

The more this situation is examined, the more it fails to stand up to scrutiny.  If this whole episode is yet another black op being perpetrated by the CIA and Mossad, what is its purpose?

Well, it was recently revealed that there might just have been more than one shooter at Sandy Hook.  Could this be a diversion, a smoke screen to take attention away from the fact that if there were two shooters or more at Sandy Hook, was one of them Adam Lanza or was he indeed dead a day before the incident occurred?

I believe the socialist insurgents have become desperate as their campaign for the takeover of the US is falling apart before their very eyes.  The interesting thing about the Chris Dorner situation is that if it is a black op, it is one that is being left fluid.  In short, the perpetrators can effectively take it in any direction and to any extreme they choose.

We American nationals have refused to be baited into riotous behavior which would precipitate martial law with troops on our streets.  Perhaps the powers that be intend to create their own situation for the implementation of the police state through a terror campaign that will leave the people begging for troops to come in and stop this highly skilled ‘killer’ and perhaps a series of copycats also well trained and deadly.

And would not the 2nd Amendment supporting sheriffs find it difficult to stand against their fellow officers who are only trying to protect themselves and their families?

Don’t forget, while we have been distracted with Chris Dorner, the California legislature has put forth gun control legislation that would satisfy the UN Small Arms Treaty which will be coming to the US for affirmation on March 18th.

The communists are set on a course and they cannot divert at this point.  No matter how bizarre and extreme the measures necessary, I do not believe they will hesitate and will try to blur the line as to where they actually will have lowered the boom on we the people, as we have made it clear that once our line is crossed, we will unleash savagely and will not stop until they are destroyed.

We are dealing with serpents so we must be prepared for a strike out of anywhere, literally at any second.  Stay at the ready and on high alert.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

7 thoughts on “LAPD Manhunt – Another False Flag?

  1. if it’s bs then maybe it’s purpose is to get a shitload of paramilitary types on the streets.
    stopping cars & going door2door.

    either as a test to see if it can be done without “incidents” by angry public,
    or just plain – to get people used to it!

  2. I call false flag. No one can escape from that many cops for that long without help from someone on the inside or help from the government. It reminds me of that Baltimore Sniper shooter in Maryland years ago. Also, his story smells fishy.

    1. Ya know what NC, What I personaly think is that this Dorner guy is actualy the man in charge and they want every one to think that he is the criminal. I think this guy is the real culprit. I bet that this dorner is the ring leader, THINK ABOUT IT.

  3. Two glaringly inconsistent facts label this a false-flag operation …two instances where the operation ran “off script”:

    1. Prior to the publishing of the manifesto on Wednesday, February 6, the LAPD had no reason to suspect Dorner of anything. They really should not have even known he had been discharged from the Navy, which discharge nonetheless happened in San Diego, not LA. Nonetheless, and without the information contained in the manifesto, an LATimes article time-stamped 1055 hours Tuesday, February 5, states that the LAPD named Dorner guilty of the murders of Ms. Quan and her boyfriend within hours of the discovery of their bodies the night before. This assignment of guilt was more than 24 hours before the Facebook publishing of the manifesto. Why did LAPD connect the long-absent Dorner to an obscure crime with no witnesses or evidence? On what basis?

    2. The manifesto itself makes no mention of having mailed a copy to Anderson Cooper at CNN but, with that as their sole source of information, the LAPD took a copy of the manifesto to CNN and declared that the original should have arrived there the preceding Friday, February 1 (which was, incidentally, the date of Dorner’s discharge). How would LAPD have any knowledge of a mailed original? If they did, why wouldn’t they seize it at CNN for forensic evidence testing rather than leave it to the mail room to open?

    In fact, it does not appear credible that any of the alleged shooting victims actually saw their assailant. The two teams of police officers were both surprised by a hail of gunfire, and only one was uninjured. There is nothing to connect Dorner except his manifesto, and his conveniently-lost LAPD challenge coin (they are fungible and LAPD has lots of them) and his LAPD badge (which would have been in the hands of LAPD, not in the hands of an involuntarily discharged officer) which have been freely salted about.

    It appears that the manifesto was planned to arrive at CNN on Friday and be made public before the murders of Ms. Quan and her friend, and before the naming of Dorner as the murderer. Without the manifesto, however, LAPD could not support or explain their accusation. It is likely that LAPD then posted the manifesto on Facebook and alerted CNN about the original. Later reports about the Quan murder have rewritten history and said LAPD declared Dorner the suspect on Wednesday, February 6, after the manifest was published.

    Although he allegedly chose to contact CNN February 1 by mail to submit his manifesto, it is surprising that Dorner, if at large, has not since tried to contact any other media to tell his story. It is chilling to realize that, in spite of the wide circulation of photos of this striking, 6-feet-tall, 270-pound, shaved-head, muscular black man, not one friend, relative, associate, bartender, waiter, gas station attendant, hotel clerk, or passerby has reported seeing Dorner in the six days between his discharge and the appearance of the manifesto. Even his stay in the San Diego naval base hotel does not involve an eye witness. Also, it is instructive that, in spite of the many media outlets reporting on this case, ALL their information originates from only one source …LAPD… and LAPD relies only on the manifesto; no forensics. It would appear that Dorner is “on ice” and will soon die in a blazing shoot-out demonstrating the awesome power of LAPD SWAT.

    The fact that the “gun-crazed veteran” is shown to be pro-Obama just proves that the proposed disarming of citizens cannot be properly viewed as a politically partisan matter: “it must be viewed as a matter of national survival requiring national unity”.

  4. This is my second, and last, post on this false flag operation. It appears that a body has been charred beyond recognition, which only crime scene forensics will ever be able to say is Dorner. Actually, the only persons to say he was in the cabin were police, but no one made it clear how they knew he was in the cabin. We will never know for sure that the body was alive when the fire started; probably not. Of course there will be no face for the public to see. It is either Dorner …or an unknown victim who just serves as the corpse.

    I offer a few more inconsistencies to mull over. The media reports that two women were taken hostage in the mountains on February 5. That conflicts with his naval base hotel stay in San Diego on February 5. Also, if he was holding hostages in the mountains on February 5, how and from where did he issue his manifesto online on February 6? Did he log on into wifi in the [remote] cabin? Did he come down from the mountains to go sit in a Starbuck’s or some wifi cafe, then return? A desperado with a laptop ;-))

    Also, it was reported on February 5 that Dorner’s wallet (wallet number 1) containing his identification cards was found at the San Ysidro point of entry at the border to Mexico. Where was he on the 5th? In San Diego at the naval base hotel? …at San Ysidro passing the border? …or in the mountains holding hostages?

    Next, it was reported two days later, on February 7, that a shuttle-bus driver discovered Dorner’s wallet (wallet number 2) with his LAPD badge and photo identification cards near LInbergh airport. Did he travel from the mountain cabin to lose his first wallet near the border on the 5th, then come down again to issue his manifesto on the 6th, then return the next day to lose wallet number two near the airport on the 7th?

    Lastly, it was reported February 13 that police had discovered Dorner’s wallet (wallet number 3) with his California driver’s license in the charred cabin. How many photo IDs did this guy have? How was this third wallet found? In the [fortuitously unburned] pocket of a totally charred corpse? In spite of the impossibility of its existence, one understands that it is there just to prove prima facie that the corpse is Donner’s.

    One must agree that Dorner carries a lot of wallets, and distributes his photo identification cards liberally. It is still amazing that the summarily-discharged policeman kept his LAPD badge. Finally, it is still more amazing that yet another wallet and plastic driver’s license, both of which would have been in his pocket, could survive a fiery holocaust that consumed his body. It reminds one of the passport found on the street that amazingly survived the 9/11 fire.

    None of this story withstands to scrutiny …so the media will be careful not to scrutinize. They will merely parrot the LAPD news releases, and they will never see the inescapable anomalies. There is none so blind as he who will not see. End of story.

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