8 thoughts on “Largest Floods in Chinese History Wiped Out the Country’s Food & Grain Supply

    1. China wants to rule the world. They are responsible for covid-19. They can all starve to death for all I give a shit.

        1. Oh I know it is way bigger than that, the final sentiment is the same. The Chinese laugh at us, see as their debt slaves. One could argue that it is only “the Communist Regime” but the Chinese people outnumber them billions to one. China wouldn’t give a crap if what happened to them happened to America.

          1. I’m right there with you Sunfire

            They can figure this out on their own
            They got enough of our money to make sure of it
            Stop crying and get to work !

  1. My question is how much did geoengineering play in this and for what end result?

    The effects will be on many more than just the Chinese directly.

    1. yes, food prices will sky rocket and there will be shortages
      I can see ‘governments’ selling food to China for some of their gold, of course with zero consideration for the people which is probably the answer to your question

  2. Once again I will say this every time you go to the store add more can goods bag of bean rice , price will go up and there will be a run again on stores . Right now fresh vegetables are cheap

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