Larry Pratt Retains his Title in Round Two, K O-ing Piers Morgan yet again

The stage was set at the Communist News Network for Round 2 of Piers Morgan vs Larry Pratt. Morgan, being the lobster back commie imbecile he is, showed up at this battle of wits completely unarmed.  On the other hand, Larry Pratt, representing the best in our people, was loaded for bear, pun absolutely intended.

Mr. Pratt had obviously studied Piers Morgan’s one dimensional style which involves turning a phrase to twist the truth.  Pratt hammered Morgan with fact after fact that dismissed Morgan’s position built upon lies as it was established that Britain has indeed become one of the most violent first world nations in the world since gun bans have been instituted there and, per capita in comparison, the United States is in reality an armed Utopia.

Mr. Pratt, in spite of being treated rudely, calmly and with articulate supremacy, shut Morgan down to the point that the muscle in his jaw was twitching when he had succumbed to the same irrationality he had goaded Alex Jones into.  Morgan was again revealed as the charlatan he is.

As was the case in the first encounter between Morgan and Pratt, the former had guests lined up consisting of the families of shooting victims in an attempt to minimize the affect the raw facts had accomplished.   These people and their statements were pathetic and in no way addressed or countered the logic put forth by Larry Pratt.

Morgan then brought on the foreigner, Arianna Huffington, and we all got to witness two communists not of us rudely attacking the body of our sacred 2nd Amendment.  Morgan then asserted that the petition demanding that he be deported from our country had been dismissed by his foreign insurgent communist cohort, Barack Obama, citing the sanctity of our 1st Amendment.

To end this article I will clarify.  The foreign agent, Piers Morgan, if not for the protection being afforded him by the soviet socialist insurgency within our government, would be arrested for inciting insurgency in advocating for the overthrow of the Republic of the United States through the destruction of our form of government in attempting to remove our 2nd Amendment, which is a part of the foundation upon which it stands.

Morgan bragged that he is staying in our country, which suits me as it will save us the trouble of extradition.  Which begs the question, if Morgan is not acting as a foreign agent for the queen, why has he not been extradited back to jolly old England where he stands accused of various crimes against the British people?

To Morgan I would say that we know who and what you are and the fact that your actions are being sanctioned by the traitor Obama proves your duplicity.

The international soviet socialist ziocon insurgency being conducted in the United States for the crowned heads of Europe is going to fail, just like it did back in the 1700s.  The difference this time around is that we American nationals are going to finish the job in conquering Britain, removing the monarchy and seeing them punished as the international criminals they are.

God bless the Republic, death to the international corporate mafia, we shall prevail.

9 thoughts on “Larry Pratt Retains his Title in Round Two, K O-ing Piers Morgan yet again

  1. A fitting end for Piers Morgan is for every American National to load up and turn that treasonous pig into Swiss cheese, sending him back to Hell. That spineless piece of tripe would soil his panties if he ever had to use a gun to defend himself. I am sick to death of laws created because one person made a stupid decision and the family of the deceased can’t cope with their loss unless society as a whole is made to suffer because of their loved one’s lack of intelligence and common sense. “I’m sorry your son/daughter was an idiot that killed him/herself ma’am, but at least his stupidity has been eradicated from the gene pool. If you want a law passed ma’am, perhaps we should pass one stating that only you can no longer reproduce.”

  2. Morgan’s own quest for ratings will be his downfall.

    Pratt drove the point home about the possibility of a revolution without calling him a “hatchet man for the NWO”.

    Now AJ lost a lot of face due to his interview that’s why his proxies are spewing this crap:

    From the article;

    #5) Piers Morgan is the kind of globalist coward that would arm-twist someone else into fighting for him. He’s got armed bodyguards, after all. Alex Jones never has bodyguards and he would fight any man with bare fists. Or, if Alex were part of your fire team, he would pick up a rifle like everyone else and march straight to the front lines. Okay, that might be a little crazy, but it’s at least the kind of crazy you want on your team! Morgan is a coward. Jones is a man of courage.

    What a load of fanboy drivel.

    1. Mike Adams is AJ’s lapdog and right hand man. Everyone knows that. Whatever AJ says, he reiterates. Plain and simple. Those two gay lovebirds need to get a room.

  3. Statistics play a major role in these debates, as seen by those showing the relationship between prescribed antidepressant drugs and shootings. But there is one area that seems to be neglected in this, and that is the tremendous amount of violence that is being shown on American television, especially like the CSI programs. Since moving to Costa Rica and merging with the Latin American culture, I can see that the contrast between the two types of programming is very sharp. Here, the programming shows human drama but comparatively little of the kinds of gory violence of every description coming out of the States. I think that the TV programs from the States, which of course are controlled by mainstream media, do much to inculcate extreme violence, even on programming for children. Someone should introduce this aspect into the talk about guns and violence, showing that in countries that have high rates of gun ownership without TV programming from the States, are low in all in gun violence. Those with low rates of antidepressants and little US TV programming are without doubt the lowest of all in gun violence.

    1. “Those with low rates of antidepressants and little US TV programming are without doubt the lowest of all in gun violence.”

      Of course. That’s because they can actually go outside and experience life for themselves, rather than sitting at home and wasting their lives, imagining and learning what life is like through the Idiotbox like they do in the U.S.

    2. Little is mentioned of the fact that in half the homicides in the US the perpetrator and victim is a member of a race that is 13% of the US population.

  4. As Englishman I can only apologise for Morgan. It’s good to see him being exposed for what he is. What he and the rest of his ideological caste have done to us and our Nation is beyond description.

    When you do make it to these shores to finish the job you’ll be welcomed with open arms.

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