Las Vegas Neighborhood on Lockdown After Shots Fired

KLAS-TV Las Vegas – July 05, 2013 8:30 AM PDT

LAS VEGAS — A neighborhood on the westside of the valley has been on lockdown since 10 p.m. Thursday.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department tells 8 News NOW that someone was firing gunshots into the air Thursday night on the 6200 block of Ilanos near Lake Mead Boulevard and Torrey Pines Drive. That person was arrested but the gun was not found.  

Metro believes the gun is in a home in the area or a vehicle and they obtained a search warrant from the District Attorney to put the neighborhood on lockdown while they look for the gun.

According to Metro, seven people were taken out of the home in custody. They have not been arrested and charged yet. That could come later, depending on background checks.

SWAT is in the process of clearing the area. Once they do, Metro will search the home. That is expected to take between two and three hours.

Metro gave neighbors the opportunity to evacuate, but everyone elected to stay in their homes.

10 thoughts on “Las Vegas Neighborhood on Lockdown After Shots Fired

  1. This is typical. The cops arrest the assumed suspect but they have no gun that was involved in this “so called crime”. These cops realy should TRY to get a life. Maybe – if this actualy did happen – he was just celebrating “Independance Day” ya`ll know. So much for the independance of us Americans. We got to take our independance back and screw the justice system that we got now days and fight back at the enemy that is call the cops and the justice system – the cops and the justice sysem is one sided and only one sided. It is a ystem built on the believe of “we against them, or is it they against us”, I think it is more like them against us.

  2. Not defending the cops in any way BUT, these aholes in this town that do this use real bullets and we have had three people killed from this in the last few years. The cops go overboard when this happens now and should be arrested themselves for what they do.

  3. Like the song says, “None Of Us Are Free If One Of Us Are Chained”, and these actions by the law enforcement authority chain us and that is what they get paid to do so we are not free as long as we have cops/LEO`s as they are now days.

  4. The DA cannot give a search warrant, dimbulbs. That takes a judge.

    Its alright — record the names. Like the NSA does!

  5. ….with all due respect….IMHO…look around you..and let us try to identify the patterns of conduct and assault all over the country…do you think the uptick in police violence..citizen-on-citizen violence and the “need” for martialization? Come on…look at the precedent…shoot a gun in the air….claim you need to search the area….not a singular home or address…and then you get to raid entire neighborhoods…. searching every home and taking anything that you want…guns, moenies, drugs, jewels……anything you want…and what will the citizen do about that in hindsight…..sue them…? Ha! Impeach all of them now…convict them of treason…and hang them now…before it is too late…


    RJ O’Guillory
    Webster Groves – The Life of an Insane Family

  6. When I lived in Vegas a cop was on a perp cuffing him and another cop was pointing her firearm at the perp. She was looking around and when her radio squaked she fired the gun. It hit the pavement right next to the perps dace and both the perp and the cop on top where hit with frags bouncing up out of the pavement. Dont f with those crazy fks. My neighbor use to sell meth to a few of LV’s finest. Real nice place to raise a family. The strippers and gambling aside.

    1. Hey notoobitter, I do not believe that for one split second when you say that your neighbor sold Meth to the cops. those cops get enough Meth from their snitches and from when they make a damned bs bust. You know damned well that the cops steal drug evidence when they make a bust and they use it for their own personal use when they are not selling it. .

  7. This ‘mass-searching’ crap won’t stop until a lot of pigs get dropped, OR a Constitutional Sheriff steps up to the plate and says: NO! NOT IN MY COUNTY!

  8. I’m confused here. The person was arrested, but no gun was found? So what evidence is there that this person fired a gun?

    Sounds like a bullsh#t reason to confiscate every gun in the neighborhood, imo.

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