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Las Vegas shooter would have been surveilled from the minute he walked into the motel

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4 Responses to Las Vegas shooter would have been surveilled from the minute he walked into the motel

  1. Koorz says:

    I’ve been saying this WHOLE time; ‘Where are the videos of him, in and out, on the floor, in the lobby, checking bags?’

    EVERY SQUARE INCH of those places has a security cam.

    • evilbughead says:

      You are sooo wrong…(end of sarc) every square 1/4 inch is covered not a fkn chance that all camera’s that he should appear on were not working on those days or some dumb ass recorded that shitty game on Monday night over that digital copy. I would aslo upload to cloud and back up on several external HDs but pfft wtf do I know bout digital security. So where are the “tapes” , who is involved there is at least 2 shooters , very easy to hear even with an untrained ear , in a few videos you can hear 2 distinguished , um cycle? sounds( rate of fire?) , and I have never been in the army. Anyways too many holes in this story to be believable. The heath ranger does a good forensic sound analysis but it’s for a .223 round. Here is the video, i have been following and reading his stuf for a few years I think he doesn’t have an agenda but I may be wrong up to you folks to judge. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JxmEFeKy8aI&t=1540s

      • evilbughead says:

        Btw if 500+ people were shot and injured with what 58? 59 peeps passed from gunshots where is all that frickn blood? in all those videos which really isn’t that many I don’t really see the amount of blood I think should, would be present.Again though I am not an expert but… I mean come on, where are videos of people being treated, loaded in ambulances, I mean Christ 500+ people here we are talking about where are those videos? Photos , stills mean shit they can be taking anywhere anytime and passed off as evidence.

  2. flee says:

    Another tragedy.

    I guess this makes the NFL kneelers old news.

    Or Irma and Charlottesville ancient history.

    But I’m going to find a silver lining here.

    This gives us a break from the gasoline that’s been poured on race relations the last few months.

    There really is a brightside to this tragedy.

    The shooter could have been a rich black guy that hated country music.

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