Later, fascists: .308 precision rifle manufacturer PTR leaves Connecticut

The drool-worthy PTR Classic Wood.Bob Owens

While I’ve never had the extra coin laying around to pick up a .308 battle rifle, I’ve always had my eye on the G3-based rifles from PTR Industries (PTR stands for Precision Tactical Rifles). Now that I know the company has integrity, they just moved up my buy list:  

April 9, 2013


This past week an historic and highly controversial bill was passed by the State of Connecticut which will have far reaching consequences to the state, its citizens, and businesses. The bill we refer to is Bill No. 1160, AN ACT CONCERNING GUN VIOLENCE PREVENTION AND CHILDRENS SAFETY. This bill purports to reduce gun violence by banning hardware responsible for less than 3% of homicides in 2011 ; and claims to increase children’s safety by restricting the ability of those most responsible for it – their parents – to defend them.

As a firearms manufacturing firm, our industrial roots reach deep in the State of CT. Along with other companies in the trade, we were deeply apprehensive at the hurried process to develop new gun laws and fearful that it would generate unintended consequences for our industry. On Thursday April 4th 2013, upon reading the full text of Bill 1160, our worst fears were confirmed. What emerged was a bill fraught with ambiguous definitions, insufficient considerations for the trade, conflicting mandates, and disastrous consequences for the fundamental rights of the people of CT.

The magnitude of the constitutional and economic importance of this bill is such that the disregard for public input (in the final version), and the haphazard production of the legislation should be insulting to any citizen or business in CT. It should be a shock to us all that such landmark legislation could be written in one week, and seen by no one (including the rank-and-file legislators) prior to its emergency certification. Having been present in the deliberations in both legislative chambers, it was clear that a majority of our legislators had not even read the bill – and those that had read it had only a cursory understanding.

The process with which this legislation proceeded, along with the language that resulted gives us no confidence that this will be the last violation of our rights in our beloved home state, and we only hope that this does not set a precedent at a national level.

The rights of the citizens of CT have been trampled upon. The safety of its children is at best questionably improved from the day of the tragedy that triggered the events that lead us here. Finally, due to an improperly drafted bill, manufacturing of modern sporting rifles in the State of CT has been effectively outlawed. With a heavy heart but a clear mind, we have been forced to decide that our business can no longer survive in Connecticut – the former Constitution state.

Furthermore, we feel that our industry as a whole will continue to be threatened so long as it remains in a state where its elected leaders have no regard for the rights of those who produce andmanufacture its wealth. We are making a call to all involved in our industry to leave this state, close your doors and show our politicians the true consequences of their hasty and uninformedactions. We encourage those in our industry to abandon this state as its leaders have abandoned the proud heritage that forged our freedom.

Although PTR has not decided upon a specific relocation site at this time, over the coming weeks the company will be actively considering offers from states that are friendly to the industry. We hope to have a site identified within the next six weeks, and hope to have our move completed by the end of this year. We plan to keep our business partners informed on the status of our move throughout this process in order to affect a smooth transition.
We have extended the invitation to join us in the move to all of our employees, as well as all of our vendors. We are pleased to say that we currently have commitments to move from a majority of our employees, which includes ALL of our management personnel, engineering staff and skilled gunsmiths.

It is our hope and sincere belief that this move will represent a step forward for the company; and that by bringing our expertise and core personnel to combine with the business friendly policies, and a motivated local labor force from a state that respects industry and the second amendment that we can expand our operations and not only maintain – but increase the quality and reputation of our products.

Please direct any questions or inquiries to John McNamara, Vice President of Sales, at or at our main phone number.

Not only is PTR leaving for freer pastures, they’re making sure that the citizens and lawmakers of the state of Connecticut know why they are taking their skilled labor and their tax dollars (their money for schools, highways, etc) elsewhere. When enough businesses leave, Connecticut might finally get a clue about what happens to states that trade their essential liberty for the illusion of temporary safety.

10 thoughts on “Later, fascists: .308 precision rifle manufacturer PTR leaves Connecticut

  1. Huh ray for them. I hope the other gun manufacturers follow suit. Let’s see how CT. makes up for the lost revenue.

  2. @John W: that’s easy, the same way as any socialist, raise taxes on those poor suckers dumb enough to stay in CT.

  3. The commie grabbers are so stupid they will probably say good riddance at first. Then after the job base and revenues decline, they will scratch their pointy little heads and ask: What happened? This used to be a good State to find a job and raise a family. Clueless morons, the lot of the them.

  4. What most do not understand is that, the politicians do not care! They are following orders from the Federal Government. They do not want people working, they do not care about taxes. They have no interest in people working.
    The idea behind all of this is, one: to get guns completely out of the hands of ALL citizens. Then: the collapse will occur, and the killings will start.
    They want a depopulation of the people by 85% for sustainablility.
    You have to stop thinking like a person with a heart who cares about others. As long as you continue to think like that, you will never grip their aganda!

    It’s just like the saying: If you want to catch a Thief, you have to think like a thief!

    Gun Control, Economic Events, False Flags are just distractions to keep you looking the other way, as they move in an opposite direction.

  5. Whenever you see a bill proposed with the words “children” & “safety”, know that you’re being conned by some big government loving Marxist control freak.

    1. Dave When ever you see ANY BILL proposed by gubberment you are beinf SCREWED out of MONEY any bill any at all each and every piece of “law” is a theft from we the people EXCEPT ME AS I QUIT THEIR SYSTEM 20 YRS AGO AND DONT PAY THEIR FKN TRIBUTE only on purchases I DECIDE TO MAKE if all would do this it would collapse the whole damn system inside a month but most wont as they enjoy their PETTY COMFORTS and cheap ass plastic crap from wallymart.

      1. No doubt there Steve. I guess that I live kind of like how you describe how you exsit. I live this way for the same reasons as you do and so that when the shtf I will be used to it.

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