Latest U.N. Report Causes Obama White House “Call To Action” Alarming

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Here comes the new world order lead by the United Nations. After several days of late-night wrangling, more than 100 governments unanimously approved the scientist-written 49-page summary — which is aimed at world political leaders. The summary mentions the word “risk” an average of about 5 1/2 times per page.

The Obama White House is taking this report as a call to action. John Kerry states the failure to act on this report could be catastrophic. The governments that support the New World Order, One World Government, all support the global warming controversy, it lends them more power and allows them another avenue for taxation.  

If the world doesn’t cut pollution of heat-trapping gases, the already noticeable harms of global warming could spiral “out of control,” the head of a United Nations scientific panel warned Monday.

Climate Change will worsen problems that society already have, such as poverty, sickness, violence and refugees, according to the report. On the other end, it will act as a brake slowing down the benefits of a modernizing society, such as regular economic growth and more efficient crop production, it says.

The global warming pushers are well-funded because they have something to gain – billions of illicit dollars in grant money from the taxpayers, sale of “carbon credits,” book,TV and film deals and more.

The global warming pushers have a funding advantage in the BILLIONS over more skeptical groups who are holding our even keel together with facts (and duct tape and twine) rather than dollars.

British television producer Martin Durkin, presents scientists, economists, politicians, writers, and others who dispute the scientific consensus regarding anthropogenic global warming. The programme’s publicity materials assert that man-made global warming is “a lie” and “the biggest scam of modern times.

How do you feel about global warming? Is it the biggest scam in history, or is it the biggest threat to the future of mankind? Realize that big business stands to profit greatly from this global warming issue, not to mention the politicians themselves.

3 thoughts on “Latest U.N. Report Causes Obama White House “Call To Action” Alarming

  1. You know, they keep saying we are going to have cut carbon emissions. If we do nothing we die.
    But I still do not get the “plan” they have in mind.
    Is it:
    Method one is to make some people filthy rich by transferring extortion cash from one hand to another, and not really care if we change the amount of carbon emissions, but quit spraying chemtrails into the air so it seems like the plan is working.
    Method two: Kill off massive amounts of the human population, ergo the TV show series “Life After People”( Illuminati heads up to us peons)
    Method three is both combined.
    And the end result is still the NOW.

  2. The u.n is a joke. If they want to be real about cutting “global warming” they need to realize even if we all started going green in wont mean shit with china destroying thr entire planet from there one country. If they want to take action genocide half of china amd destory all industry. Problem solved the world is saved.

  3. Of course that is a joke but nothing we do in this country is going to mKe a difference if what they are saying is true. So for the sake of the world america has to cut back yet in some places in china you cant see the sun or breath the air.

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