Lauren Boebert: Universal Background Checks ‘Meant’ to Criminalize the Law-Abiding

Breitbart – by AWR Hawkins

Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) observed Wednesday morning universal background checks turn law-abiding citizens into criminals.

Moreover, she suggested the process is actually intended to do so.

She tweeted:

Boebert’s observation comes on the very day on which the Democrat-run House of Representatives is scheduled to take up Rep. Mike Thompson’s (D-CA) universal background check legislation.

And it was just two days ago Boebert suggested her Democrat colleagues should rely on the Constitution rather than gun control.

Breitbart News noted Boebert tweeting: “You’re going to hear Democrats talk a lot about “common sense” gun control this week. I think following the Constitution is pretty sensible myself.”

6 thoughts on “Lauren Boebert: Universal Background Checks ‘Meant’ to Criminalize the Law-Abiding

  1. yeah background checks… cuz you know that fkn pos criminal is doing it too what a joke. just like up here in Canada where princess Truduh is trying the same shit. got to take away “assault” weapons cause you know it’s not fair for the pos criminals

  2. Hey Lauren Boobert,

    Their ain’t no Law Abiden folks around…including you u fake Republican hack..!

    The law is ignored and unenforceable in any way without an armed restoration of our republic, a restoration of “The Law”…!

    Do you know what the law is bitch..!? I think you don’t care…!

    1. The Buck Act has no more authority over we the people and our superior ratified law of December 15, 1791, as the Buck Act violates the superior law of the Bill of Rights and the superior jurisdiction of we the people.
      They can write down anything on a goddamn piece of paper they want to, just like that f-ker King George did. We’ll see how that goes for them.

  3. And?
    You can only make laws for the government and the governed.
    Fake laws that since the carpet baggers reconvened the Congress and proofed the illegitimate government we have now.

    I refuse to be governed by a man/woman.
    I am not the state or governments property.

    I oppose every trader even if they claim to be of for or by me.
    The bill of rights is flying in my yard and has been.

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