11 thoughts on “The Lawless Ones – The Resurgence Of The Sovereign Citizen Movement

  1. The “Key Findings” statements at the beginning of this butt-wipe publication could just as easily have been written about the CORPORATION and it’s lawless ways toward the Men & Women on the land who do not approve of being shanghaied into an ADMIRALTY MARITIME jurisdiction and forcibly deprived of the God-given rights that are unalienably theirs as a gift of their Creator.
    Sovereigns are those who acknowledge the false paradigm of the CORPORATION and choose to live free from it’s shackles and demands. Fighting back when the slavers attempt to enforce their mastership over you is perfectly acceptable, honorable and Godly behavior, considering the fictional CORPORATION is a criminal usurpation of our Constitutional Republic (the lawful authority in this land).

    It’s as simple as Freedom vs. Slavery, folks.

    By the way, in case anyone is new here:
    THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A SOVEREIGN “CITIZEN”. The 2 terms are antithetical.

  2. ‘Significant Growth. The sovereign citizen movement is an extreme anti-government
    movement whose members believe the government has no authority over them. It began a
    resurgence of activity, including criminal activity, in 2009 that has shown no signs of stopping.’……….that’s right a$$hole! Our numbers are growing!

  3. what happens when law abiding (what is best for my community) citizens learn what is really going on? They get sick in there stomach, try to tell others who are lost, then all hell is going to break loose. do research for your children life. facts are starting to leak out.
    enough said for those of you still asleep.

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