Left-wing arsonists are setting many of the wildfires in Western states… but why?

Natural News – by Mike Adams

It’s now abundantly clear that left-wing arsonists are setting many of the wildfires that are exploding across Western states. Naturally, Oregon fire officials have now “officially” denied the fires are being set by human beings, instead claiming all the fires are Trump’s fault because of “climate change.”

In case you’re trying to keep track of all this, when left-wing terrorists set fire to buildings in cities, that’s known as “peaceful protesting.” But when left-wing terrorists set fire to forests in nature, that’s called “climate change.”

It’s clear now that in their desperate effort to tear down America, the radical Left has embraced a “scorched Earth” policy that involves literally attempting to burn down the nation by setting fires. Already, Black Lives Matter terrorists are being arrested and charged after being caught setting fires.

The wildfires in Oregon have now displaced half a million residents there, and federal officials are investigating “mass arson” as the real cause behind these fires.

One map of real-time fires shows that all the fires magically stop at the U.S. / Canada border, revealing how these aren’t natural fires but rather acts of arson being waged as wartime sabotage against the United States of America:

See it and read the rest here: https://www.naturalnews.com/2020-09-14-left-wing-arsonists-setting-wildfires.html#

2 thoughts on “Left-wing arsonists are setting many of the wildfires in Western states… but why?

  1. “The FBI, a treasonous cabal…”

    Ok, mikey, YOU used the word “cabal”, now expound on its etymology and WHO it relates to and you might be getting somewhere.

    Your dirty bird with two shite filled wings ain’t gonna fly far with that kind of narrative though, is it?

  2. The whole “climate change” agenda has been proven to be an overflowing toilet filled with the 100% bullshit. So now they are playing arsonists and blaming it on “natural phenomenon”. George Carlin was spot on, people truly are stupid.

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