7 thoughts on “Leftist Reacts to “Positive” COVID Result

    1. I literally did like 3 pull backs before I got my thump to hit play… at this point in the game.. 2yrs.. if you’re buying ANY of it.. you’re getting what you deserve. I’m way past sympathetic. people just refuse to see the potential evil.. not the Obvious evil.. just refuse to even think that there Could be an evil aspect! I have a friend who got the shot to go on a FUKIN CRUISE!! I said.. well, I hope you enjoy it. you’ll be dead in 2yrs.

  1. Reminds me of the video posted here a week or so ago where this young woman goes bonkers in an elevator seeing another young woman who supposedly wasn’t wearing her mask “properly”…. Or is all this BS just staged because leftists love to seek attention? Hal’s comment makes perfect sense, and when will tik-tok virtue signalers get the kharma they deserve?

  2. it’s too bad we won’t be able to follow her over the next few weeks. to see how sick she makes herself. she’ll be in the hospital in a week. guaranteed.

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