Legislator to tea party: Get your guns ready for economic collapse

Sh.jpegAll Alabama -by Cassie Fambro

Washington state legislator Rep. Matt Shea (R) says preparation is crucial to get ready for what he calls “the inevitable collapse” of the US economy.

The Self-Reliance Rally event at an Idaho State Park had several speakers encouraging attendees to prepare by gathering arms and ammunition and considering forming militias.

“When it happens, we need to look at this as a opportunity, not a crisis,” Shea said. “Who’s job is liberty? That’s our job.” 

Shea told the crowd to stock up on ammunition, stay in shape, practice shooting, learn self defense and special tactics.

He related a story from when he was in the military where a superior officer told him to remember an important lesson.

“Be prepared at any given moment to give up your job to do what is right,” he said. “You have to stand up for what is right – even if it means you have to stand up to your government,” Shea’s superior officer allegedly told him.

Among his beliefs are that Obama is forming concentration camps and that the government was involved in both the Oklahoma City bombings and the 9/11 terrorist attacks, according to the SPLC Center.


9 thoughts on “Legislator to tea party: Get your guns ready for economic collapse

  1. Second Amendment all over again……..the Evil date of reckoning is the Federal Reserve charter renewal & 100 year anniversary! A date the Evil Elitist Hoard set as goal to have fully installed the NWO! Dec. 23, 2013, wake up folks their habit is to create chaos……Fight on for Liberty, Freedom & Justice

  2. Quite a speech, expecially coming from a politician, one from the Socialist Republic of Washington no less.

    1. while i agree, the socialist republic is alive and well in the western half of the state, what most people dont realize is, if there is a state in the union destined, if not desperate to split, it is washington, two totally different ideals, economies, and ways of life, divided by the mountains, the east side of washington state, has not yet been afflicted by the zombie nation, and hopefully never is. this rare example of an awake, and honest politician (holding my chest waiting for the heart attack, as i never thought i would type THAT sentence.) is OBVIOUSLY from the east side.

      1. There’s more than seattle and olympia on our side of the state.

        I don’t think our state would split I just think that the seattlelites and obamabots on my side of the cascades would cry loudly and stomp up and down for the guys with guns to do something about those that have offended their sensibilities.

        They are smug because they live in their echo chambers but we outnumber and could easily out gun them.

        1. Hey now, Western WA is NOT Seattle. King and Thurston counties are a heavy voting bloc, sure, but the general Obama sentiment is NOT universal here. In fact, many die-hard fans are falling by the wayside with every new development.
          While the Eastern ‘half’ of the state is overwhelmingly (R), IDK that that is really so much better. There is Shea, yeah, but really, what are the Repub. reps. (both Senators are fascist dems) really doing, on the ground, for the people. They are at least as corrupt, and at least as asinine in their assignments of priority. But… it isn’t like anybody worthwhile is running for public office.

  3. A politician on our side warning the public to take arms. I hope to see more of that. Our local sheriff here in Delaware is training a milita. He fights tirelessly against the the state legislation who is hell bent on revoking all his arresting powers. He goes on our local radio station and warns the the listeners to take arms and prepare for what’s inevitable. There are some good officials out there. I have to tip my hat to the ones who stand for the freedom they swore to protect.

    1. Hmmmm… Must be nice. I live in Los Angeles… due to a custody battle. Our representatives are taking AWAY guns when the criminals and cops are doing the “good guy” one over. I need to move and I feel it nagging me daily but cannot unless I leave my children. Ugh. Heavy sigh.
      I live in a preppers worst nightmare.

      Any suggestions??

      1. I feel for you. I’m stuck here on this peninsula but soon to move inland to a few acres I own in Tennessee. I have five daughters of my own and that’s the biggest reason for me not to be stuck here when the shtf.
        Best advice I can give is to get to get right with GOD, put a plan together just incase you have to bail. No plans are concrete, you just have to have a mind set to adapt to the moment and the surroundings. Material is all bullsh!t, safety for you kids should always be priority number one.

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