Lemon Water: 12 amazing and unexpected health benefits


As someone who likes to be in control of their own health, I don’t necessarily run to the doctor for every little ache, pain, or minor cold.

Instead, I much prefer to stay on top of my health by giving my body exactly what it needs — whether that’s preparing a nutritional meal or going for a walk in nature.  

But it absolutely never dawned on me that something as simple as a glass of lemon water could actually have an unbelievably positive impact on my overall wellness.

And while there are many health trends out there, lemon water appears to only have benefits without the drawbacks of many others. And as wellness expert Michele Promaulayko told Good Morning America, “It’s absolutely legit.”

Scroll through below for an exclusive look at the surprising and incredible health benefits of lemon water. Not only were these unexpected, but they also left me wondering why I haven’t been drinking lemon water my whole life!

Who knew that starting the day off by throwing lemon into a glass of water could do everything from lower my blood pressure to reduce my joint pain?

As always, if you have any serious health concerns or issues, be sure to talk to your doctor.

Do you plan to add lemon water to your daily routine? What other benefits to lemon water have you found? Let us know in the comments!
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People have been putting a slice of lemon on their Diet Cokes and waters for years and years. But why does a squeeze of lemon provide more than just a little extra flavor?

Lemons contain a laundry list of vitamins and minerals that are great for you, from vitamin C and vitamin A, to potassium and calcium.

Keep scrolling below to see why a little bit of lemon in your water can aid your health in a number of different incredible ways!

Benefit #1: Heals Joints

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Joint pain and discomfort may seem like it’s just a part of daily life at this point. But lemon water could actually help provide you with some much-needed relief.

The experts at Food Matters report that “it helps reducing pain and inflammation in joints and knees as it dissolves uric acid.”

Obviously, any long-term pain should be brought to the attention of your doctor, but lemon water could help lower those pain levels in the meantime!

Benefit #2: Boosts Immune System

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If you feel a cold coming on, or if you just want to prevent one in the first place, try adding a glass of lemon water to the menu each day.

Vitamin C is essential to keeping our bodies strong and our immune systems operating at their best. And fortunately, lemon juice is chock full of this health-boosting nutrient!

Benefit #3: Aids In Digestion

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If you are feeling queasy or have an upset stomach, a glass of lemon water can be your new best friend.

According to Dr. Axe, lemon water is great for indigestion and flushing toxins out of your body through the urinary tract.

Benefit #4: Makes Skin Glow

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One particularly lovely benefit of lemon water is that it can leave your skin beautiful and glowing.

Because the lemon water can help flush toxins out of the body, your skin will be left fresher and cleaner.

And according to the Wellness Mama, “It also contains Vitamin C which is needed for collagen production for smooth, healthy skin.”

Benefit #5: Helps Liver Function

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The liver might be one of the organs that we don’t spend too much time thinking about. But drinking lemon water can have an extremely positive impact on this extremely important organ!

Not only is lemon water good for increasing your liver function, but according toDetoxandbodycleanse.com, it will help remove liver toxins, leaving the organ functioning at its best.

Benefit #6: Battles Morning Breath

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If you wake up each morning with some questionable breath, you might want to keep a glass of lemon water on the nightstand.

Lemon water is great at battling the mouth bacteria that causes morning breath.

And according to Juicing With G, liver toxins that normally lead to bad breath are flushed out of the body thanks to the incredible properties of lemon water.

Benefit #7: Regulates Blood Pressure

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For those with high blood pressure, including lemon water as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle can help drive down those scary numbers.

In fact, according to Top 10 Home Remedies, “Lemons help keep blood vessels soft and pliable, and by removing any rigidity, high blood pressure will be reduced.”

Definitely talk to your doctor to see if drinking lemon water might be particularly beneficial for your high blood pressure!

Benefit #8: Promotes Eye Health

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So your sub-par vision may not be immediately cured by a glass of lemon water, but the vitamin C contained within can be extremely beneficial.

According to Juicing With G, the vitamins in lemon water “will help prevent eye conditions like macular degeneration and cataracts.”

Benefit #9: Contains Anti-Cancer Properties

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This particular benefit has been hotly debated over the years. And while it has yet to be proven that lemon water prevents cancer, many studies show that it does contain certain anti-cancer properties.

According to Hope4cancer.com, “While the connection between lemons and cancer is yet to be established, it is quite clear that lemons have some clear benefits that are best not ignored.”

Benefit #10: Boosts Energy And Mood

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Did you know that lemon water could actually put you in a better mood and give you more energy to tackle your day?

Dr. Axe suggests using lemon water instead of coffee for your daily morning boost.

“When negative-charged ions, like those found in lemons, enter your digestive tract, the result is an increase in energy levels.”

Benefit #11: Provides Kidney Stone Relief

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For those who are prone to kidney stones, drinking lemon water may just help prevent them or provide relief when you have them.

The citrate in lemon water is helpful in keeping stones from forming in the first place.

And as EcoWatch writes, “Studies show that lemon water can help treat kidney stones. It appears most effective alongside conventional therapy.”

Benefit #12: Lowers Weight

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It might seem obvious, but trading out your fattier beverage options for lemon water can help you to lose weight over time.

The Cleveland Clinic puts it quite simply, “Ponder the impact of replacing your morning OJ or latte with lemon water. Not just once, but perhaps 20 times a month — and multiply that by 10 years. Your waist line will thank you.”

These unexpected benefits of lemon water are absolutely incredible. And what could be simpler than drinking a glass of lemon water each day?

What other benefits to lemon water have you found? Will you be adding a glass to your daily beverage consumption? Let us know in the comments.


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