Leo DiCaprio Invites Celebrities to Jet to Gala in France … to Save the Environment

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It’s that time of year again: actor Leonardo DiCaprio will host a ritzy gala in St. Tropez, France – a popular spot for the wealthy and famous – to save the environment.

The only problem? His guests will have to burn some serious carbon to get there.

The New York Observer noted on Monday that celebrities “will flock to the French town” to take part in the charity auction:  

In just a few days, celebrities will flock to the French town of St. Tropez for actor and U.N. ambassador Leonardo DiCaprio’s annual charity auction. Last week, it was announced that the Academy Award-winner has tapped an impressive group of A-list art stars, from Rashid Johnson to Andrea Bowers, to create works explicitly for the sale.

As for DiCaprio himself? Well, he has taken flak in past years for flying private jets over to France – and contributing to global climate change in the process – but Page Six reports the multimillionaire is taking the everyman approach in 2017.

DiCaprio will fly commercial to St. Tropez:

We hear that the star is ditching any private jets and will fly commercial to the glitzy French fête on Wednesday.

Organizers are putting the finishing touches on a “pescetarian” menu that will be “meat-free and feature local, sustainable fish and vegetables from area growers.”

DiCaprio may be traveling from Miami, where he has been soaking up the sun with swimsuit models this week.

Americans who don’t take jets halfway across the world for environmental galas may have a hard time accepting a lecture from DiCaprio on carbon footprints.

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4 thoughts on “Leo DiCaprio Invites Celebrities to Jet to Gala in France … to Save the Environment

  1. Is that the same guy who puked on my son’s car when they were swilling down the sauce in Hollywood some years ago? Yea that’s the guy.
    Now he’s into carbon footprints, Hmmm.

      1. You’re probably right, Paul. The price of fame in the entertainment industry is not just your soul, it’s your ho…!

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