‘Lethal force’ at the ready: No-fly zone over London Olympics

RT News It’s official: starting Saturday, Britain’s Royal Air Force (RAF) may use “lethal force” against any unauthorized craft, including passenger jets, caught violating London airspace during the Olympics.

The no-fly zone is the latest in security measures that have been criticized for putting Londoners at further risk from terrorist attacks rather than protecting them.

The RAF warned that rogue aircraft that stray into the no-fly zone above London could be shot down.

“As a last resort, we will have lethal force as an option,” said Air Vice-Marshal Stuart Atha, the Olympics’ air security commander, at a briefing at the RAF Northolt base in West London. He added that such a situation would be a “worst case scenario” and the decision would be made at the “highest level of government.”

The new no-fly restrictions came into force at midnight on Friday and encompass the central London area, the Olympic Park in Stratford and a large part of the Southeast.

While commercial flights will not be affected by the measures, light aircraft, gliders and hot air balloons will be expected to adhere to flight regulations until August 15.

Teams of military personnel will be on constant watch for craft that stray into the restricted zone. If any suspicious planes are sighted, Typhoon fighter jets and helicopters will be deployed to escort them out of restricted air space. Any craft that does not respond to warnings by the RAF may be gunned down.

The ‘militarization’ of the Games

UK authorities are leaving nothing to chance during the Olympics, deploying 17,000 military personnel throughout the capital for the duration of the Games, 11,800 of which are soldiers.

In spite of widespread protests, the government is also installing surface-to-air missiles flanking the Olympic Park in East London.

London residents reacted with uproar, claiming that they were not properly consulted over the defense plans. They appealed for a judicial review, arguing that their human rights had been violated and voicing concerns that the presence of missile installations could turn their homes into potential terrorist attack targets.

“If it’s going to affect our children, our own safety, our security, then there’s a potential for people who are evil-minded who may sabotage the situation. I’m a father of young children, so I have reservations about having missiles placed here,”
 said one tenant to ABC Radio.

However, their court appeal was overturned on the basis that the missiles pose no legitimate threat to residents.

The UK government has spent more than 1.5 billion pounds on safety measures at the Games in the country’s biggest peacetime security operation in history.

19 thoughts on “‘Lethal force’ at the ready: No-fly zone over London Olympics

  1. what about fake islamist terrorists being miraculously apprehended weeks before the Olympics to justify all the militarization, regardless of an actual attack, false flag or not?????

    “see, the threat of force and loss of your privacy and freedom was worth it!
    were going to need to do this ALL THE TIME to be safe.”

    1. A terrorist is only someone that the govt. gave a name to when that so called terrorist doesn`t agree with the so called govt. The govt. is the biggest terrorists around, and the people will never be safe as long as the people rely on the govt. to control the people. WE WILL NEVER BE SAFE AND ALL OF THE GOVT.`S OF ALL OF THE LANDS OF THIS WORLD MAKE SURE OF THAT.

  2. My Fellow Americans, Patriots, & Citizens Of The World,

    – Surface-To-Air Missles?

    – 11,800 Soldiers?

    – 17,000 Military Personnel?

    – Roof Top Mouted SAM’s?

    – 1.5 BILLION Pounds spent so far (and Olympics haven’t even started yet)??

    – Commercial Ariliners NOT affected by airspace restrictions?

    – “Lethal Force” will be granted from “the highest level of government”??

    WOW,… What a feedbag of complete and total nonsense!!

    Lets wade thru this sea of manure as expeditiously as possible:

    First off,.. my job was Aircraft and Missles Systems,… in particular,.. Surface-To-Air Interdiction Systems (Fast Response, Short Range).

    Now lets review this exercise in complete and utter nonsense –

    1) There are no “Global-Terrorists” except the ones we (gov’ts) sought out, trained, equiped, pay, and transport.

    A perfect example is Al-Queda. This is a 100%, PURE American (CIA) Franchise. Al-Queda is as American as Kentucky Fried Chicken or Apple Pie!

    2) There is no “Adversial Group” that has an Airforce or Air Assets that could remotely require any such level of military brute force,… period,… bar none.

    3) If any craft was suddenly to get highjacked and used as a live Kamikaze missle,.. it will be,.. (drum roll please……….) THE COMMERCIAL AIRCAFT! (Ta-DA!,.. Horns blaring…)

    The very ones that will NOT “be affected” by flight restrictions.

    Anything smaller, such as a Cessena, or other such type of personal aircraft simply lacks the mass, bulk, speed, fuel load, or anything else that will give it the capacity to cause “significant” damage or death, assuming the pyshcos at the CIA, Mossad, MI6 don’t slip them any kind of micro-nuclear device or a few hundred pounds of HE, C4 or similiar type military grade explosives.

    4) IF,..if any commercial aircraft, or smaller aircraft was found to intrude the restricted airspace, the time it takes to get clearance from the “highest levels of government” will take far longer than the time it will take for the aircraft to cover the 10 to 15 mile restriction radius (30 miles of diameter) and decend into its “intended” target.

    At 300 mph, the plane is moving at 5 miles per minute, if faster – than more than 5 miles per minute, if slower – than less than 5 miles per minute.

    If there is a 10 mile safety radius, then they need all of 2 minutes to breach the boundary, and impact the center point (stadium).

    To get any form of Ok, from a chain of command to authorize a shoot down of a civilian aircraft will at minimum, be a 10 – 20 minute episode of relaying requests and waiting for a response.

    Far to slow to have a legitimate usefulness.

    5) Shear Expense: So far, they have spend what insane amount of money for this little Dog & Pony?,… 1.5 BILLION Pounds,.. and still growing??!!!!

    Britian is mired in desperation and poverty right now,… People are going hungry, there are less jobs for their people than there are for ours,… children are living in the streets,… people being kicked out of their homes as well,.. and these MORONS can’t think of anything better to spend well over a BILLION Punds on???!!!


    6) There is NO justification for this display of idiocy, except as an exercise in furthering a hidden agenda.

    Let there be NO doubt in anyones mind, there are nafarious forces at work here, but it is not some rag-head sheep herder on the plains of Afghanistan or evil leaders in Iran,… it is the Pyscho-Babble Leaders of the US Federal Govt, the British Gov’t, CIA, Mossad, MI6, the International Banksters, IMF, BIS, World Bank and other “official” institutions that are seeking complete Global-Tyranny.

    The NWO has ordred this little charade from stem-to-stern, and you can be sure they will make use of this to further their “One-World-Government” agenda.

    If, We The People, truly wish to protect ourselves and stop Global Terrorism, we need merely abolish the greatest criminal organization in human history,.. the US Federal Gov’t and ALL its criminal agencies. Also, Arrest, Interrogate, try, and convict, the members of MI6, the Mossad, The IMF, BIS, World Bank,.. and of course, the single most treacherous, villinous perpetrator of Crimes Against Huminty, … and the Boss of all the lackeys just named,… THE ROTHCHILDS.

    Until we are willing to acknowlege, address and indentify the REAL root cause of Global War, Sovereign Destruction, and so called “Terrorism”, which is all the organzations and individuals named above,.. we will NEVER stop this global enslavement, and we will never be able to live without the scourge of the NWO constantly seeking Total-Tyranny over us.

    This is the simple,.. and uncomfortable truth.

    The Rothchilds and ALL of his minions MUST be brought to justice for the two previous World Wars, this on going, “War On Terror”, and the slaughter of MILLIONS of innocent peoples,… if we wish to change anything.

    All other actions are merely window dressing and in realty, will change NOTHING until the Rothchilds are Exposed, Tried, Executed,.. and ALL of their wealth, lands and possessions seized and return to their respective countries that they looted it from.

    If we wish to fix the problem,… then FIX it properly,.. or just accept the fact that the Rothchilds won,.. and we are the Rothchilds family’s chattel (slaves).

    JD – US Marine – Calling For The Indictment, Arrest, and Trial Of The Worlds Biggest Terrorist Family,… The Rothchilds.

    1. Great rant.

      How big is the Rothschild family, now? Any statistician out there ready to approximate this?

      I think it’s been long enough (many generations) that the Rothschilds are thousands strong. A few more generations and there may be more cousins than the world can profitably feed.

    1. Hi diggerdan,

      ok,.. thanks for the kind comment.

      Hope you and your family see whats coming and have done the best you can in being prepared.

      See you on the battlefield when the civil war starts.

      JD – US Marine – Fighting To Save What Is Left Of America.

      1. US Marine Fighting Tyranny: I hate to think of a civil war on U S soil though. That is not suppose to happen. It has been a long time comming though. It will take some doings to get this country in reasonable shape.

  3. Wow! The British ‘government’ is pulling out all the stops to make it appear as if they’re doing everything in their power to prevent terrorist attacks.
    People of London, be advised: the worst threat you’re facing is NOT an attack from Islamic terrorists, the thing you should fear most is the ENEMY WITHIN!

  4. Collateral ‘Human shields’

    Its not fair cause their using schools as shields, i remember hearing, or something similar.

  5. Something is definately Looming and Comming ! The 5th aircraft carrier has been disptchedand is on itswayto the Gulf shortly! So let’s see what transpires.

  6. JD, is right.
    Although, i wouldnt blame certain familys, because that obviously gives more credit than due, but eyes are cleary opening, welldone, good work.

    1. Hi LH Ld Elon,

      Thanks for the sentiment.

      Although there are far more families than I mentioned, the Rothchilds are the lynch-pin to the NWO.

      The truth is, there are hundreds of families that have sold this country out, including, but not limited to the Rockefellers, the Duponts, Bill & Melinda Gates, The Carnegie Mellons, The Bush’s , Cheneys, Clintons, and on, and on, and on.

      In reality, its simply time for a good old fashion decapitation of the wealthly elite, sieze their wealth, possessions, and property.

      Hold trials, those found guilty of complicity with the NWO agenda, treason, or support to either, lose their life,.. period.

      Problem,… that won’t happen.

      America, and our leaders simply lack the moral fiber to ajudicate any such pre-emptive actions that will save this country,.. and the world.

      Most likely outcome: They win,.. we lose.

      I prefer the opposite to happen, and dedicate myself to that end,.. but I do not seem to have much company.

      Cest La Vie,.. but I shall preserve alone if necassary.

      Long Live America.

      JD – US Marine – Fighting To Salvage What Little Is Left Of The Formerly Great Country,.. The USA.

  7. Zionism did not start a few days ago or a few years ago. Only one time did Jesus lose his temper and he kicked these scum out of the temple, a few days later he was crucified. Kennedy tried to introduce a silver backed currency in competition to the zionist Federal Reserve and guess it did not go down too well, immediately he was killed the silver certificates were withdrawn.

    It amazes me that we have Christian zionism, it seems like a complete contradiction. Yet talk to most people and they will support Israel a corrupt brutal zionist regime as the victims needing US protection against the evil muslims. They are supporting fascism abroad and as a result they get fascism at home. It seems that we come from a very long line of stupidity. Long before we were born our parents were stupid and long before they were born their parents were stupid and before them etc.

    As can be seen from most articles on From the trenches world report the zionist agenda is at work 24/7 to impoverish, degrade, imprison and kill us if we challenge their police, their laws or their status quo. Most of the founders and signatories of the constitution were either killed, impoverished or imprisoned by the British Imperial zionists .

    Their system has never been so close to succeeding in enslaving everyone with disastrous consequences for civilization. Equally their system has never been so fragile, their banks are deep under water, their scams and lies are gaining public knowledge, their wars are losing support and their preferred debt monetary system is about to implode. They are desperate.

    Is it to be our revolution or is it to be their revolution that succeeds. Ron Paul is the test.

    Take the decision to opt out of their system, do not support it, take your cash out of their banks, use cash and not credit cards, buy essentials and barter able silver coins and silver quarters, undervalued constitutional money.

    Write to your church leaders so that they should not support the two aliens standing for president.

    Stay safe until the time is right.

  8. You know what’s funny is that they have a “No-fly zone” over the London Olympics but nothing protecting what is underneath the stadium or the sewer system. Let’s see…tell the so-called terrorists that you are patrolling the skies and having anti-aircraft missiles and drones everywhere and that will logically tell a so-called terrorist to do something BELOW the skies and/or UNDERNEATH the stadium. Ever think of that? “A warrior who only knows one side, leaves himself open for destruction.” Didn’t they learn anything from the London train bombing? Let’s have a repeat, shall we? You can do just as much damage blowing something up from underground as you would from aboveground. Look at the Lone-wolf incident in Norway. London people are so dumb.

  9. I guess this means that the short pudgy Brits are going to take the gold in all of the track and field events. The Skull and Bones Society will be on hand to steal the gold and silver medals from hotel rooms or by alley way ambushes if the British military misses any of the crowd daring to pass the Brit out of sheer boredom.

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