5 thoughts on ““Let’s Hope This Headline Is Wrong! And This Is Not A CIVIL WAR!”

  1. already once on this site did i post the differences between Civil War and Revolution

    so many people get it wrong

    Welcome to the Revolution people.

  2. There’s nothing civil about war.
    As public enemy says…
    Don’t believe the hype.
    I’m sure the sheeple are standing straight up on their hind legs today.
    This is a great media diversion though.
    A slight of hand….so to speak.
    Hey….what happened to the other stories in MSM…?
    Now we can get a play by play commentary and live footage for at least a week now.

    I have to look at the bright side on this.
    Death is a good business.
    Just think of all the money local businesses are making when they service the media invasion of satellite cable trucks and reporters.
    Like a bad gonorrhea epidemic.
    We have the new economy people.
    Its the ” Death Industrial Complex”.

  3. Assassination? Assassination is a term used for killing someone of high class status or an official of high status or power. How is killing a no name police officer, an “assassination”?

    So killing police officers is an “assassination”, but killing innocent people is barely “murder”.

    Regardless of whether the incident is real or not, how do these no-name officers get such high profile terms and We the People get peasantry terms?

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