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As I near my 50th birthday, Saturday, Auguat 19, I have taken time to review all of the changes I have seen in the past half century. I was raised in communist Wisconsin with judeo-christian beliefs and credited the advancements of man to evolution as I was taught. I remember our first microwave, our first VCR, and when I was a teen my parents had the forerunner to cable called Select TV which was 16 channels with less advertising as opposed to the 4 local channels.

As a child I was taught that since I was intelligent I did not have to worry about menial physical labor. With my intelligence I was encouraged to pursue upper management so I could just tell others what to do. Unknown to me at the time, the Lord had other plans for me. In my rebellion against the establishment (although I didn’t know what that was), I was in a severe car accident 2 days after turning 19, that changed my life.  

At the time of the accident, while I was in a coma, my family wrote me off. They decided that since the doctors told them I would never walk, talk, or take care of myself again, I could never live up to their dreams for me. Upon waking almost 3 weeks later, I was angry with God for being without support of friends and family. Somehow, I knew there must be a reason for me to still be living so I pushed ahead on my own.

Needless to say, the doctors were wrong about me. I walk and talk and take care of myself. I married, had a child, and obtained an associates degree in accounting. In accounting you keep two sets of books, one for the company and one for the government. I found I had trouble finding the correct office position. Looking back now, I realize it is because I am too honest for the business world.

I was sick of everyone telling me how life was supposed to be lived. In 2010 I left Wisconsin to move south. I started in Oklahoma where I found the truth of the Authorized King James Bible (KJV) as opposed to the New American Living Bible I was raised with. I have sought the truth my entire life and always hated my history classes in school because I was only taught one side of the story. As an adult, through research on the internet, I have learned that most everything I had been taught was based on lies. I cannot fault the people that taught me because they were merely teaching me what they had been taught. Now I feel sorry for all those that accept what others tell them instead of seeking the truth.

The truth I learned in the KJV led me to be baptized. First it was in the name of the father, son, and holy spirit, which is an unknown god, so I just got wet. The second time in the name of Jesus, changed my life. I weigh the information I find against the New Testament in my pursuit of the truth.

I would like to send my thanks to Henry Shivley and my fellow Trenchers who continue sharing truth so that others may learn. Perhaps one day I will take time to explain my childhood in more detail to educate others about the lies of the world we live in.

Have a great day and remember to share truth with those you meet… Jill in AL

17 thoughts on “Letter to the Trenchers

  1. Jill, thanks for taking time to share some intimate things with us. Praise be to God and Christ for revealing the ultimate truth to you.

    I know what you mean about coming to realize most all you learned was a big fatty lie, perpetuated by those who either did not know or simply did not want us to know. Many of us were in the same condition, but thank God, no longer.

    “If you continue in my word then are you my disciples indeed, and you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” John 8:32

    And Happy Birthday to you!!

  2. “Looking back now, I realize it is because I am too honest for the business world.”
    I hear you on that, I tried selling used cars for a few months, never again.

    “I would like to send my thanks to Henry Shivley and my fellow Trenchers who continue sharing truth so that others may learn.”
    Your welcome and thank you for sharing 🙂
    Enjoy your Birthday weekend.

    I think this song is fitting.

  3. Jill

    Sounds like you been through it big time, survived and have run rough shot over all those bad memories.

    People like you make this site something special.

    Your a surviver, just like the rest of us.

  4. Happy Birfday….to Jill !!!

    A half a century young..!

    And another year to celebrate surviving the punishment we endure.

    That’s not to be taken for granted.

    Happy Birfday…!!!

  5. Jill, I hope you have an awesome 50th birthday! You overcame the odds, found true salvation, and found this site which opens the eyes of many. I just turned forty-eight on August 16th, so I’m right behind you! I thought things starting going crazy in this country in the 1980’s and 1990’s, but when you look back at history, things have been going crazy here for a much longer time. 1913 and 2001 will always stand as milestones in my eyes, but I hope to see better times in my lifetime.

  6. We got a lot in common, Jill (except for the coma thing). And it was a perilous moment I had that finally got me to fully commit to God and Christ as well. Happy birthday!

    One more thing regarding teachers–since when I married my husband who didn’t earn much money (beekeeping, and whatever else he could earn building his mother’s new house out here) I went back to college to become a teacher. I chose secondary math, for one reason–math is the TRUTH, and I don’t give a crap what Common Core says it isn’t! 2+2 will NEVER equal 5!

  7. Glad to have you here Jill, and happy anniversary of your birth into the flesh.
    I have an associates degree in business, and shortly into financial math is when the beginning of the realization of financial musical chairs set in.
    There simply aint, nor will ever be enough joo-dinero to cover the so called “debt”.It’s designed this way,
    this system of filchery …

    Blessings to you and that old battle axe too. 🙂

  8. Happy birthday, Jill. God Bless!

    Letters like this are always welcome on here and are an inspiration for everyone. Thanks for sharing, Jill.

  9. happy birthday tomorrow, you closet gestapo agent. i love you. wild thang……….KOYOTE

  10. Hey Jill

    I had a similar experience, being raised catholic. KJV, strongs concordance, a good bible dictionary, and a book called THE LIFE OF CHRIST IN STEREO, helped pull me out of the religion lies. I am so fortunate to have been able to find the truth. I searched for truth for years. Thus my presence here. What a wonderful place to be. Along the way I ran into others who were searching for the truth as well. Now they and trenchers are my family.

    By the way happy birthday. I remember when I was 50. It was a loooong time ago. 🙂

  11. “Have a great day and remember to share truth with those you meet… Jill in AL”

    That has been my # 1 goal since waking up, Jill.

    King James is the ONLY Bible that no one collects any royalties from.

    Happy birthday! 🙂

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